Wednesday, June 27

Ode to the Iranian Plight

You must be me to understand what I feel.
You must be coming down a long narrow way,
And then from where you stand,
You could see what I see.
You must be me, to appreciate my being me,
then, you could get why “I am”.

Sometimes I think you should be me,
For awhile, just to feel what I feel inside.
You must be me, to understand the laziness of my mind;
You must be me, to enjoy my laughter,
To understand my sadness;
To love me as if I were you.

You must be me to see why I love what I see!

Katayoun 6/28/2007


Anonymous said...

i liked it alot. I can even identify with the poem. You guys are very talented.

Keep up with this excellent work.


Bita said...

Dear Shadi:
Thank you for being our virtual friend. We do appreciate such friendship and support.

Dear Katayoun:
I have to be agree with Shadi and say, I strongly identify with your poetry. Thank you. Without your input, this virtual space would have been an impossibility to exist.


Anonymous said...

it is with a great pleasure to visit a blog that has something extraordinary to offer.
Your thoughtful posts, poetry, and the images that are truely awesome: they show your enthusiasm for a betterment.

Javeed bad Iran-e Azad, Paydar bad solh-e jahani

Anonymous said...

the image is very nice, and the poem is absolutely brilliant.
are you a poet??

Tanaz Zamani (London, England)

Bita said...

thank to Tanaz and the other anonymous for thier kindness.


serendip said...

Breathtaking artwork. May I post it on my blog. The poem is fabulous too.

Bita said...

Dera Serendip,

Please do so.


Bita said...

With great appreciation for those who commneted on this post:
without your constant support this blog would not exist. thank you all.


Anonymous said...

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