Sunday, June 3

Live from Behesht-e Zahra!

Bita, 2007

Eighteen years ago, the “Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the infamous “Grand Ayatollah Khomeini,” after drinking a cup of poison, went towards Allah. Every Year, in commemoration of his departure from our Planet, his followers and beneficiaries of his “Estate” encamp around his shrine, and chant his moronic slogans. Free Meals, Free Drinks, and Free ride on the Islamic Bus!

From around the world, many “dignitaries” and “representatives” are invited by the regime to watch this show live. And the rest of us, sit in the quite of our homes, and think about why, a person of his level of intelligence, and of that caliber of cruelty of heart, and of his depth of hatred towards Iranians, in general, could have, possibly, “won a battle of good against evil”?



SERENDIP said...

Simply brilliant, thanks.

Bita said...

it is very generous of you to encourage me like this, my dearest serendip.


serendip said...

kathy jan:you deserve it. I linked to this post with your permission.

katayoun said...

dear Seredip,

I am pleased that you are kind to let me know about the link to this post.

With a great hope that someday we will meet each other in a real world.