Wednesday, June 20

Just a thought!

Liberalism may be a suitable idea for an average, Harvard-educated man of intellectual capacity, just as Conservatism is a brilliant idea for a money-making monger. However, these well-defined political philosophies can neither be applicable in all societies, nor can they be understood by all members of all different societies.

In a society where corruption is the first rule of engagement, where trust is a funny concept to define and establish amongst fellow members, where security and safety can only be contained in the basement of your house, Liberalism is only a matter of a second-hand-philosophical-idealism.

As for conservative ideas, when fanatics run the show, it really does not matter what kind of rituals are going to be practiced, it all look the same, any way.


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SERENDIP said...

Absolutely spot on. The artwork is delicious. I'm amazed everyday by bita's incredible talent.