Sunday, June 17

In the name of an academic trip...

Have you heard the news that at the University of Tehran, “where chants of ‘Death to America’ still punctuate Friday prayers,” there is a department called “American Studies program,” which offers a “two-year-old master’s degree program”?

Isn’t that a bit vulgar for an Islamic “academia” to teach “American government, culture and society to some of Iran’s top students, with minimum political judgment”?

Isn’t it against Khomeini’s teaching to praise the “great Satan’s way,” and to be found of cultural values that are in contrary to that of Islam? Or may be the top-notch-students of the M.A. program in that single-class-room-institution sit around a conference table to criticize the American way in a manner appropriate to their academic position?

I even find it vulgar that the aforementioned academic establishment had “planned to send some of its first graduates to the US this summer for nine months of thesis research and teaching Persian to American students”. However, I was not shocked to learn that the hard-liners opposed the academic move, and prevented the trip of the top-notch-Iranian-scholars!!!

The sponsor of the trip was a “US nonprofit organization partially founded by the State Department,” and the co-founder of American Studies Program is an English professor, Marandi, a “Virginia-born” Iranian who is now co-running the academic show!
Another academic show-runner is Saied Ameli, founder of the Institute of North American and European Studies, “who lived in California as a teenager and studied mechanical engineering at the University of Sacramento and returned to Iran after the overthrow of the US-backed shah,” became a highly respected cleric and earned a Ph.D. in sociology, is also teaching communication at the program, while “other classes are taught by a former Iranian ambassador to Canada”.

Whoever said that life is not coincidental?



Anonymous said...

mamnoon az in post.

Anonymous said...

The University of Tehran, was once a jewell of the crown of universities in the Middle East. and Now it is in the hands on Mullahs. those top notch students are hand-picked, and are used for a certain purpose.
Thanks for this post,

Doroud bar Shoma

winston said...

what if they preach hatred and lies against the US in those classes?

Bita said...

dear winston,

They teach not only hatred for America, but for the whole free world. their first priority is to train ideolgoues and fools who would not only destroy Iran, but the whole world with it.


serendip said...

hahahah What does this curriculum entail, I wonder?

Bita said...

dear anonymous 1:

از مهر شما سپاسگزارم.

dear anonymous 2:

the famous University of Tehran was going to become a prominent academia, in its own right, in the very heart of the Middle East, and not only that, in the whole of Asia.You are right. this so called, "revolution," has destroyed everything in Iran, even the course of selecting students for a special M.A. program!!!


Bita said...

dear serendip,

A rational wondering, indeed!