Sunday, June 3

How do you define Reputaion?

Bita, 2007

Reputation is something that some people like to build, some would like to earn, while some would definitely prefer to establish. Khomeini’s reputation as a shrewd, and cruel “religious figure and an uncompromising revolutionary,” was built around, earned for and established based on his actions, his commands, and his genuine hatred of Iran and Iranians.

On January 17th of the year 1979, Khomeini who was moving towards the establishment of a Shiai’s Khalifat in Iran, while residing in Neauphle-le-Ch√Ęteau, issued a Statement to the Parliamentarians of Iran and demanded their resignation!
On that same day, four Parliamentarians, Mohsen Pezeshkpour, Parviz Zafari, Sayed Hossein Tabib, and Manouchehr Yazdi presented their resignations to the Parliament. Considering the aforementioned parliamentarians' involvement with the Party of Pan-Iranists, their resignations should have become alarming to those who were traveling back and forth between Paris and Tehran. But, of course, it did not trigger any suspicion, or if it did, it was not reflected on, therefore the move went unnoticed. Following their colleagues, eight MPs; Ghaemi, jazayeri, Farman, Eftekhar, Shahbazee, Harzandi, and Motevalee, presented their resignations, and again this unified move went unnoticed too.

We should sit and think why such actions go unnoticed by a nation? Why we never bothered to question such actions and the reactions they demanded, their impact on the fate of a nation? What kind a dream-like-state were we living in?
And i wonder if I could come up with questions such as those, why couldn’t an Iranian politician, or an intellectual?



Anonymous said...

this blog is awesome. the images and the posts are absolutely worth the time spent.

cong, guys

SERENDIP said...

Indeed, when are we going to wake up?

katayoun said...

My dear Nashenas,

You are too kind, and we are happy that you have enjoyed your exploration of this site.

Be khaneh Ma Khosh Amadeed.

Serendip-e Mehrban,

Our awakening is a long process, unfortunately, but it has just begun.