Tuesday, June 26

History is being made!

Look closely at these pictures and see it for yourself; see how Iranians have started to reconstruct their own history.

Without a doubt Iran is in turmoil. The events of the recent days, the escalation of tension between the Reformists and the Hardliners, and especially Rafsanjani and his allies, have all attest to a general sense of unrest that is felt in a way which is close to people’s memory of past. Three decades of depravity, of humiliation, of dictatorship is coming to an end.



serendip said...

I really hope this is the beginning of the end. Read this despicable piece in Iranian.com

Bita said...

My dear Serendip,

This infamous "Iranian.com" is another Nuisance add to the list!
I will read the article as soon as i finish this comment.

Thanks for your effort in keeping me up-to-date. True friendship is always developed out of respect, mutual understanding of issues at hand, and common sense of acquiring knowledge.


Winston said...

this is good news

Anonymous said...

hopefully the riot is the beginning of an uprising against this atrocious regime