Wednesday, June 6

What do you think?

Bita, 2007

Some political analysts believe that, when Ahmadinejad asserts that, “it’s too late to stop nuclear program,” you “should believe the man”. While others believe that, “he does not have the upper hand, and is only bluffing, and therefore, we should altogether ignore the man”.
Those who argue that, “we should believe the man,” talk about Russian’s involvement in the process of running the program, as well as expressing their concern over Chinese’s rule in the progress of the nuclear program, and conclude that the combination of these two sets of involvements are the very indication of how serious the nuclear threat is. In a meantime, those who have decided to “ignore the man” explain that, “this whole show is run by the Power Elite, not Ahmadinejad, and they all know it too well that America cannot and will not engage its nation in another war in the Middle East. There are better and less expansive ways to re-do the map”. I don’t know whose argument is valid, but I can see the rational behind each.
Meanwhile, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, also known as the idiot-hardliner, issued a warning to the US and its allies, demanded that they “should not to push for new UN sanctions on his country, which he compared to a lion sitting quietly in a corner”.
Those, who believe that, “we should disregard the man, and ignore his hallucination,” also know that the regime’s mouth piece is relying on Iranian Patriotism to stand face to face, either with Israel or the US. However, the very Patriotism that proved to be solid and highly-regarded, when the army and the revolutionary militias stood together to defend the country during the eight-year-war with Iraq, may not be the winning card in regime’s hand, this time.
Those who believe that ignoring the problem is the way to solve the problem, also confess that our contemporary Don Quixote, “Ahmadinejad, may be the cause of the transformation of power in Iran,” for he cannot be the provocateur of an expansive war between Iran and the United Stares of America and its allies!
Those who believe that we “should take the man serious,” agree with the latter that Don Quixote may be the cause of a transformation of power, but at the same time, the Shiite Empire have invested so much in that nuclear program that it is not even on their agenda to back off. Moreover, it is possible that the regime, in order to win its game, and to prevent his own fall, prepare Iranians for another war. But, who knows what the future holds?


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I like your take on the subject.


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Yet, another excellent post.