Wednesday, June 27

Ode to the Iranian Plight

You must be me to understand what I feel.
You must be coming down a long narrow way,
And then from where you stand,
You could see what I see.
You must be me, to appreciate my being me,
then, you could get why “I am”.

Sometimes I think you should be me,
For awhile, just to feel what I feel inside.
You must be me, to understand the laziness of my mind;
You must be me, to enjoy my laughter,
To understand my sadness;
To love me as if I were you.

You must be me to see why I love what I see!

Katayoun 6/28/2007

Tuesday, June 26

History is being made!

Look closely at these pictures and see it for yourself; see how Iranians have started to reconstruct their own history.

Without a doubt Iran is in turmoil. The events of the recent days, the escalation of tension between the Reformists and the Hardliners, and especially Rafsanjani and his allies, have all attest to a general sense of unrest that is felt in a way which is close to people’s memory of past. Three decades of depravity, of humiliation, of dictatorship is coming to an end.


Sunday, June 24

The Royal Windsor

Paul has sent me these pictures and I thought perhaps it is best to share it with you. And as usual, Paul never tells me where he gets these stuff!!

Friday, June 22

Wednesday January 24 of 1979

In a leaflet called “Besharat Nameh,” the National Front (Jebhey-e Meli) express that, “Khomeini is coming to Iran; the very man, who has given rise to the uproar of the freedom seekers around the world, is coming back to Iran. Khomeini is coming back to Iran; the man who is the very illustration of the sacred Freedom, the man whose very being is the incarnation of the hope of an historic nation, is coming to Iran. In the whole history of human race, it has only been once that the sun has risen from West and goes down at East, with the return of Imam to Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini, the grand Vali-e Faquih, the Imam of Shiites, in the name of God will be back in Iran, on this coming Friday”.

PS: if the above sentences don’t make any sense to you, it is because the whole thing does not make sense at all.


Thursday, June 21

Tuesday 23rd of 1979

Khomeini in his first interview with Iranian media addresses Iranian nation and announces that, “the path we are going to take, will be designated at Behesht-e Zahra”. The Imam of that cursed revolution did not waste a minute to express his demonic wish.

On the same day, Ramsey Clark, Former US-Attorney General was back in America giving interview about his trip to Tehran and Paris. During two week stay in Tehran, Mr. Clark spent hours and hours in meeting with the infamous William Sullivan, and not only with him, Mr. Clark also spent quality time with people such as Bazargan, Sanjabi, Bakhtiar. During those two weeks, the Democrats, apparently, had been in contact with every one in Iran, for Mr. Clark in an interview with the press declares that “99% of Iranians are supporter of Khomeini, and these are the same people who oppose the Shah”.

On the same very day, Naser-e Ghashghaei returns to Iran, and in a crowd in Shiraz—to be precise in Shah-e Cheragh--, announces that, “I swear by this holy shrine to await the arrival of Imam; in time like this the whole nation must be ready to take orders from Imam”!!!

And finally on the same day, Ali Asghar-e Sadr-e Haj Seyyed Javadi writes in an article that, “the legacy of this revolution belongs to everyone; all political parties, who were either directly or indirectly involved in the making of this legacy, will benefit from it”.


Wednesday, June 20

Just a thought!

Liberalism may be a suitable idea for an average, Harvard-educated man of intellectual capacity, just as Conservatism is a brilliant idea for a money-making monger. However, these well-defined political philosophies can neither be applicable in all societies, nor can they be understood by all members of all different societies.

In a society where corruption is the first rule of engagement, where trust is a funny concept to define and establish amongst fellow members, where security and safety can only be contained in the basement of your house, Liberalism is only a matter of a second-hand-philosophical-idealism.

As for conservative ideas, when fanatics run the show, it really does not matter what kind of rituals are going to be practiced, it all look the same, any way.


Tuesday, June 19

That's it!

From Seneca:

"Si vis tibi omnia subjicere, subjice te rationi"

If you would subject all things to yourself, subject yourself to reason!!!


Sunday, June 17

In the name of an academic trip...

Have you heard the news that at the University of Tehran, “where chants of ‘Death to America’ still punctuate Friday prayers,” there is a department called “American Studies program,” which offers a “two-year-old master’s degree program”?

Isn’t that a bit vulgar for an Islamic “academia” to teach “American government, culture and society to some of Iran’s top students, with minimum political judgment”?

Isn’t it against Khomeini’s teaching to praise the “great Satan’s way,” and to be found of cultural values that are in contrary to that of Islam? Or may be the top-notch-students of the M.A. program in that single-class-room-institution sit around a conference table to criticize the American way in a manner appropriate to their academic position?

I even find it vulgar that the aforementioned academic establishment had “planned to send some of its first graduates to the US this summer for nine months of thesis research and teaching Persian to American students”. However, I was not shocked to learn that the hard-liners opposed the academic move, and prevented the trip of the top-notch-Iranian-scholars!!!

The sponsor of the trip was a “US nonprofit organization partially founded by the State Department,” and the co-founder of American Studies Program is an English professor, Marandi, a “Virginia-born” Iranian who is now co-running the academic show!
Another academic show-runner is Saied Ameli, founder of the Institute of North American and European Studies, “who lived in California as a teenager and studied mechanical engineering at the University of Sacramento and returned to Iran after the overthrow of the US-backed shah,” became a highly respected cleric and earned a Ph.D. in sociology, is also teaching communication at the program, while “other classes are taught by a former Iranian ambassador to Canada”.

Whoever said that life is not coincidental?


Friday, June 15

Perhaps, an Islamic Republic of Palestian may be a new rival to the Islamic Republic of Iran....

So, the “Palestinian Authority” president, Mahmoud Abbas, finally had it with the “Hamas-led” government on Thursday night and not only dismissed them, but also “declared a state of emergency.” Although, there is certainly a problem of reinforcing security control over the Gaza Strip, because of what Hamas went through to get ride of “his Fatah loyalist there.”! The Mecca deal is now gone down to the very bottom of the history and may be viewed as another political failure achieved by the Arab league.
Of course, as we know Mr. Haniya, the “Prime Minister,” did not receive the blow in an unlikely manner. No, Mr. Haniya was getting ready to show his most important political move, by occupying the Gaza Strip, and getting the Green Flag of the Islamic State up there! In a meantime, a Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, expresses that “Prime Minister Haniya remains the head of the government even if it was dissolved by the president.”
Some believe that Mr. Abbas’s decision to dismiss the “prime minister” was a wrong political move, because it was perceived as a “US-planned-move,” and as a result provoked Mr. Haniya to order his militia to storm into security compounds; capturing “the preventive security force,” and eventually raising their “flag” at top of the compound, and finally, taking control over “Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades” in Gaza.
And some believe that Mr. Abbas’s decision was an on-time political call, for he can now lead the West Bank into a better future! A good and peaceful relation with Israel, plus having an independent State of Palestine, sounds too good to be true, for Hamas is not going anywhere. In fact to achieve their goal, a Hamas military spokesman, Islam Shahawan, announces that, “we are telling our people that the past era has ended and will not return”. And he adds, “The era of justice and Islamic rule has arrived.”
Meanwhile Palestinians are blaming “not only their warring factions but also the international community for its failure to embrace the peace deal signed in Mecca by easing restrictions on the unity government.” However, we should also keep in mind that “Palestinians are unlikely to want to give up the idea of a Palestinian nation in both areas, with East Jerusalem as its capital,” as we know “Hamas has a significant number of followers in the West Bank, too, even if its fighters are far less well equipped and largely stay underground because of the Israeli occupation.”
As we do not know the fate of the Middle East we can only guess as to how the situation is going to be taken to another level. Politically speaking, the “road to peace in the Middle East” is a very narrow one. With the creation of another Islamic State in the Middle East, the spread of certain ideology is faster and far inevitable, and future preventive measures will not be of use. Perhaps, an Islamic Republic of Palestine may be a new rival to the Islamic Republic of Iran, but it will not be of any use in keeping the peace in the Middle East! Or I may be wrong.


Tuesday, June 12

Sometimes there is a reason as to why one needs to revisit a convoluted past!!!

Bita, 2007

In this note, I will be as unbiased as I can afford to be. After all I am a human being and as such prone to be a bit sentimental and therefore am in danger of writing something that is rather subjective. And generally, I don’t like to be subjective, because the whole thing stands against my aim which is to be as objective as possible.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my intention of revisiting the political events of the past three decades in Iran, is to look for things that did not only fail to grab the attention of the ordinary fellow Iranians, but also did not raise any concerns for those who declared that they would side with Khomeini(on his plight for the establishment of an Islamic Regime—call it a theocratic empire); the very people who later on came to pay for their stupidity, greed, and naïve decision-makings.

There were many different political groups, nonsense intellectuals, and obnoxious human beings with twisted mind, who neither loved Iran, or had any regard for human dignity, and accordingly acted in the support of a conspicuously-revolting Revolution and were later on paid for their actions. Some were paid with their lives; some took a bullet or two while some were, literally and physically, blown up by a hugging suicide bomber. These were the first group of loyal friends, amongst whom you could see a few Mullahs’ names, the enthusiasts of the Islamic Revolution who went through the “internal cleansing of the system” right after the establishment of the state. But then there were certain “assistant designers,” whose contribution to the establishment of the state was so grand and undeniable that the regime did not event dare to eradicate them. Instead, they were occasionally harassed, jailed and bailed, while did not play any role on the centre stage of the politics, any more than it was obvious to the public eye.


Monday, June 11

Respect, you shall earn!

"Londonistan Calling," Vanity Fair June 2007

I’d like to respect every body, even those who do not understand what that word stands for. But, I have also found it difficult to respect those who utter pure nonsense, act foolishly, and maintain their absurd idiosyncrasies, in the name of a certain thought, belief, or conviction that evokes nothing but belligerence towards others.


Sunday, June 10

Poem lyrics of Success Is Counted Sweetest

Bita, 2007

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne'er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple Host
Who took the Flag today
Can tell the definition
So clear of Victory

As he defeated-dying
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Burst agonized and clear!

Emily Dickinson

Posted by Katayoun

Friday, June 8

A Friday's note

"To convince a man, you must appeal to his self-interest, his desires, and his will".

I have no idea where I have taken the quotation from, nevertheless it is Friday night and a little philosophical "thing" does not hurt either of us!


Thursday, June 7

Have you heard a pleasing, painless truth?!

Bita, 2007

To recount Iran’s contemporary history, with a political eye on the subject is to endure an immense pain which is accompanied with no pleasure at all.

But whoever said that truth should be pleasant or painless, since it has never been either!?


Wednesday, June 6

What do you think?

Bita, 2007

Some political analysts believe that, when Ahmadinejad asserts that, “it’s too late to stop nuclear program,” you “should believe the man”. While others believe that, “he does not have the upper hand, and is only bluffing, and therefore, we should altogether ignore the man”.
Those who argue that, “we should believe the man,” talk about Russian’s involvement in the process of running the program, as well as expressing their concern over Chinese’s rule in the progress of the nuclear program, and conclude that the combination of these two sets of involvements are the very indication of how serious the nuclear threat is. In a meantime, those who have decided to “ignore the man” explain that, “this whole show is run by the Power Elite, not Ahmadinejad, and they all know it too well that America cannot and will not engage its nation in another war in the Middle East. There are better and less expansive ways to re-do the map”. I don’t know whose argument is valid, but I can see the rational behind each.
Meanwhile, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, also known as the idiot-hardliner, issued a warning to the US and its allies, demanded that they “should not to push for new UN sanctions on his country, which he compared to a lion sitting quietly in a corner”.
Those, who believe that, “we should disregard the man, and ignore his hallucination,” also know that the regime’s mouth piece is relying on Iranian Patriotism to stand face to face, either with Israel or the US. However, the very Patriotism that proved to be solid and highly-regarded, when the army and the revolutionary militias stood together to defend the country during the eight-year-war with Iraq, may not be the winning card in regime’s hand, this time.
Those who believe that ignoring the problem is the way to solve the problem, also confess that our contemporary Don Quixote, “Ahmadinejad, may be the cause of the transformation of power in Iran,” for he cannot be the provocateur of an expansive war between Iran and the United Stares of America and its allies!
Those who believe that we “should take the man serious,” agree with the latter that Don Quixote may be the cause of a transformation of power, but at the same time, the Shiite Empire have invested so much in that nuclear program that it is not even on their agenda to back off. Moreover, it is possible that the regime, in order to win its game, and to prevent his own fall, prepare Iranians for another war. But, who knows what the future holds?

Tuesday, June 5

Still in 1979

On January 17th of the year 1979, Khomeini was in Paris, jubilant, he must had been, for he issued a salutary statement to Iranian nation, congratulating them on their “freedom from the yoke of Pahlavi,” and at the end, demanded that all the Ministers appointed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Shapour Bakhtiar, should put their resignation to him.

On that same day, Khomeni in an interview with the British Broadcasting Channels, BBC, states that, “the future regime of Iran, will be Republican and Islamic”. In that same Interview, the Blood thirsty leader of the Islamic Revolution, also criticizes Mr. Bakhtiar and defines him as a “traitor, whose cabinet stands on a non-political ground,” and therefore declares the government of Iran as “illegitimate”.

Now, please note that on the same day, Mr.Bakhtiar, the last Iranian Prime Minister appointed by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, also, in an interview with the same Broadcasting system, states that, “without my permission, as the Prime Minister of Iran, the army is not allowed to make any decision”. He also expresses that, “I have not been in contact with Khomeini, but there are people who have informed him of my ideas and opinions about the political situation in Iran. And I can say that my actions that which, were, and are in accordance to my mandates, as a Prime Minister, have been as such that they don’t contradict Khomeini’s ideas of running a State”.

It is also interesting to know that Mr. Jimmy Carter, the President of the United States of that time, in an open conference with the media states that, “United States of America with the help of its friends and allies in and out of Iran has contact with Khomeini!” As General Abbass Gharabaghi, the Chief of the Supreme Commanders Staff ensures the prime minister that the army would not rebel against the state, Mr. Carter tells the media that, “America opposes a coup d’ ètat in Iran”. Meanwhile on the streets of Iran, the angry mobs were chanting, “Death to America,” and the puppeteers were moving their fingers accordingly.

Mr. Bakhtiar, with the triumph of that Revolution in Iran, like thousand of other Iranians was forced to flee his country, and live in exile. Mr. Bakhtiar who settled in Paris, France, where he formed the National Resistance Movement of Iran, maintained his opposition to the Islamic Regime of Iran till the last day of his life. Of course his ideas were not received kindly by the Leader of the Revolution, and finally in 1991, two years after Khomeini’s death, Bakhtiar’s assassination was carried out, by Moslem terrorists, who upon completion of their job fled Paris for Tehran.
History will pass its own fair judgment on Mr. Bakhtiar’s political decisions, and thoughts, as it will pay its due to the likes of Khomeini.


Good and Better

"le mieux est l' ennemi du bien"

the better is enemy of the good


Sunday, June 3

How do you define Reputaion?

Bita, 2007

Reputation is something that some people like to build, some would like to earn, while some would definitely prefer to establish. Khomeini’s reputation as a shrewd, and cruel “religious figure and an uncompromising revolutionary,” was built around, earned for and established based on his actions, his commands, and his genuine hatred of Iran and Iranians.

On January 17th of the year 1979, Khomeini who was moving towards the establishment of a Shiai’s Khalifat in Iran, while residing in Neauphle-le-Château, issued a Statement to the Parliamentarians of Iran and demanded their resignation!
On that same day, four Parliamentarians, Mohsen Pezeshkpour, Parviz Zafari, Sayed Hossein Tabib, and Manouchehr Yazdi presented their resignations to the Parliament. Considering the aforementioned parliamentarians' involvement with the Party of Pan-Iranists, their resignations should have become alarming to those who were traveling back and forth between Paris and Tehran. But, of course, it did not trigger any suspicion, or if it did, it was not reflected on, therefore the move went unnoticed. Following their colleagues, eight MPs; Ghaemi, jazayeri, Farman, Eftekhar, Shahbazee, Harzandi, and Motevalee, presented their resignations, and again this unified move went unnoticed too.

We should sit and think why such actions go unnoticed by a nation? Why we never bothered to question such actions and the reactions they demanded, their impact on the fate of a nation? What kind a dream-like-state were we living in?
And i wonder if I could come up with questions such as those, why couldn’t an Iranian politician, or an intellectual?


Live from Behesht-e Zahra!

Bita, 2007

Eighteen years ago, the “Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the infamous “Grand Ayatollah Khomeini,” after drinking a cup of poison, went towards Allah. Every Year, in commemoration of his departure from our Planet, his followers and beneficiaries of his “Estate” encamp around his shrine, and chant his moronic slogans. Free Meals, Free Drinks, and Free ride on the Islamic Bus!

From around the world, many “dignitaries” and “representatives” are invited by the regime to watch this show live. And the rest of us, sit in the quite of our homes, and think about why, a person of his level of intelligence, and of that caliber of cruelty of heart, and of his depth of hatred towards Iranians, in general, could have, possibly, “won a battle of good against evil”?


Saturday, June 2

Schopenhauer and the Life of an Individual

Schopenhauer sees the World as Evil, how do you see it???

"The life of every individual, if we survey it as a whole...and only lay stress on its most significant features, is really always a tragedy; but gone through in detail, it has the character of a comdey".


Friday, June 1

Revisiting some historical events in Iran

Bita, 2007

On January 26th of the year 1979, the King of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, left the country to prevent a “foreseeable blood shed” and the most “distinguished” Mullah of the country, Ayatollah Sayed Kazem Shariatmadari, issued a statement to the army and demanded that they show their complaisance to their “Moslem Brethrens,” who were moving to establish a State, as Just and Islamic as Ali’s was!

On the same day, Karim Sanjabi, the Founder of the National Front (Jebhey-e Meli) delivered a speech to a large crowed gathered at the infamous Masjed-e Shah, and declared his “deepest respect for the army,” and also conveyed that even the “grand leader, Ayatollah Khomeini,” (the devil in exile!) shares his “respect” and calls them “our brethren”. And accordingly, the army should join “this immense wave of emancipation” and “help Iranians Triumph over their struggle against the Imperialists and their culprits”.

And finally, on that peculiar day, Hossien Ali Montazeri in an interview with a French Newspaper, Le Soir, stated that, “our movement—meaning the Revolution in Iran—is neither left nor right. Our Ideal is to establish a State similar to that of Imam Ali”.

To be continued…