Tuesday, May 15

What is wrong with Ahmadinejad?

2007, Bita

Some describe him as a megalomaniac, while other believe that he is an egomaniac who will provoke something that is bigger than him to handle. And even some believe that he is a puppet who has a mandate by which he must make the power-elite content. And I believe that he may be all of what every one said, as much as he can be something else, let say a “Dreamer”!
He has a “dream;” and he wants to make it come true. You may say that there is nothing wrong with having a "dream," and I say that you are absolutely right. There is nothing wrong in having a "dream," if your dream does not determine the fate of the world!

But Ahmadinejad's dream is not an ordinary, harmless and personal dream; for he wants to pave the path for the landing of the 12th Imam of the Shiites, and towards achieving this dream he is working really hard, especially when he opens his mouth and utters words that are larger than the mouth. But again, when I think of his kind, I cannot expect anything more or less, for if that happens the whole world shall be very “disappointed” to see such a lame “theatre absurd”!
Meanwhile, the Supreme Leader and the rest of the clerics, who are aligned with him, are trying to negotiate a deal with the other political Mafioso in Iran; for they know that “their ass is on fire”. However, I believe that as ill-minded and retarded the president of the Islamic Republic may be in holding on to a childish dream, at the end of the game it should really not be of any matter what Ahmadinejad might dream, unless the rest of the power-elite in Iran decides that it is time for him to achieve his little dream, or become a martyr to the cause of his dream!



Anonymous said...

I believe that you are right, and the rest of the people are right too, about the Iranian president, but he is Iranian, after all.

katayoun said...

Dear anonymous:

Well. you have a point and I have a point and the rest of the people have a point: and we are all Iranians too!!!

serendip said...

Excellent post.

As a muslim, you can't have a nation. Nationalism is paganism in Islam. He is not Iranian and will never be one.

The satanic little weasel is a very dangerous and narcisstic character. He is a sociopaths, pure and simple. But let's not forget, Ahamdinejad is a product of the regime and Radical Islam. His ambitions are not just repressive and incendiary but are global and apocalyptic.

Hypothetically speaking, if your sister tells you that her artwork can entrance people for more than 20 minutes where you could not even blink and she sees a halo around her art and believes in it so much that she talks about it publicly, wouldn't you immediately take her to the doctor?

This moron talks to Imam Mahdi and recently upgraded to God and he think Imam Mahdi is waiting for him in a well and he has people writing to him and dropping their letters inside a well...The man is clearly deranged and the supreme leader of ignorance knows it too. But you need a nutcase like him to standup to your rival, Rafsanjani. Every singl one of them is sick in the head.

Bita said...

Dear anonymous:
With all due respect, I do not share your point of view.I would like to ask you;how do you define an Iranian.