Monday, May 28

A Talk as good as it gets!!!

Bita ,2007

And finally they (Americans and the culprits of the Islamic Regime)sat to talk. The meeting was held in the heavily guarded Green Zone, at the Iraqi PM’s office, where for four hours Iranian Ambassador Hassan Kazemi Qomi and US Ambassador Ryan Crocker were “cordial and focused on Iraq,” and at the end declared their unaffected love for each other.
What a moment of jubilation for nations—Iraqis, Americans, and Iranians alike-- so anxious to see their politicians making the best of the moment at hand!!!

Now, we shall wait and see what is on the agenda for their next meeting…



Anonymous said...

It must be exciting to watch them grow old together, eh?!

I love your humor.


Bita said...

Shadi Jan,

You are not bad, either!!!

serendip said...

LOL, head over heels and madly in love..