Thursday, May 31

Rummaging through the recent past!!!

Bita, 2007

It is my duty to write about things that do matter, otherwise why run a blog?
I can sit behind my desk and get on with my research and might as well forget about why, four months ago, I decided to have my own space, where I can freely and without the slightest hesitation say what I think is most appropriate in this time, when uncertainties are surpassing my expectations.

The current political unrest in Iran, the public protestation against the Mullah’s tyranny which has worn out “Iranian patience and politeness,” are the issues that do matter, as much as Global Warming, or Environmental disasters are of great concern to me. However, a dangerous ideology that is being spread around the globe, and is threatening the lives of many on this planet, should be considered an environmental disaster too.

One of the ways of reducing the dangers of the aftermath of an Islamic Revolution in Iran, is by rummaging through Iran’s contemporary history( in the manner most suitable to the taste of the readers) and see what had happened and why?! By looking at history from an objective point of view, and analyzing the mind-set of the time, especially with respect to the political conditions of that era, and the susceptibility of people in mistaking their superstitious for righteousness and freedom, one can, perhaps. understand, but certainly not justify, the event of those days.

Now, from morrow, this blog is going to dedicate a post a day, to the events of the infamous 1979. This job is done mostly by revisiting the news of that time; reflected either in print or media.
So long till morrow.



Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your follow-up posts, because i think your posts are honest and objective, which makes them reflectd the views of too many Iranians who have not been in Iran for so many year.


Anonymous said...


Your are fantastic in your works of art. The image of this post is beautiful and thought-provoking.

Bita said...

Dear Anonymous:
Thank you for your thoughtful compliment.