Friday, May 25

An open-dialogue with the Iranian scholar-clerics!!!

Talk is a good thing, especially when you are trying to solve the problem of ideological differences, and have an open-dialogue with true scholars. But you can never have an open-dialogue with the promoters of an extreme ideology that which has brought a nation to it’s historical down fall, in the name of God.
To have a talk with the very people who represent what Khomeini stood for, is to stand against a nation’s struggle for freedom and existence. To act according to your “biblical command,” and be the “agents of reconciliation,” and organize an “inter-faith conference” and to have the audacity to ignore the truth about Mesbeh-Yazdi and have him as your “scholar-invitee,” is to stand against a nation’s plight for freedom. As a Canadian Citizen with an Iranian Origin, I am appalled by an “academic” invitation issued to such people with such “academic credential”, with such magnitude of ignorance.

I have only one thing to say, that is this: be careful with whom you are trying to negotiate a talk, and how you receive that person, and with what kind of ceremonial pretentious you are going to have him in your “intellectual institution” for an open-dialogue?
These questions should be on your mind when you are inviting a bunch of “scholars,” whose “scholarly” credential along their “political” biases should be the matters of your concern, unless you are, somehow, sharing their sentiments!



Anonymous said...

thank you for voicing your concenr over this issue...we need to know about these types of events


Bita said...

dear sheema,

this is a tiny thing that i am capable of doing at this moment. and I believe that to raise awareness in Iranian communities across the globe will contribute to the plight of Iranian people in Iran. We need to get rid of the Mullah's, if we care about the future of our homeland, and its position in this global village

serendip said...

Outstanding. Did you send this letter to them?