Saturday, May 26

O' Canada, I am hurt by you!

Bita, 2007

O' Canada, my adopted land,
I am hurt by you,
why did you let me down?
why do you have to treat my enemy,
as if you are treating a dear friend, why?
O' Canada, my adopted land,
Do I have a right to be mad at you,
for taking me for a fool,
for giving me all that I never had,
and taking away the only thing that I had.
O' Canada, my adopted land,
I am in your bosom,
but you are so cold to me,
that I cannot feel your warmth.
O' Canada, my adopted land,
You should have an answer for me,
I will write you a letter,
be carefull when you are leaving it to the cruel hands of the shreder,
and please do grant me a public apology,
for my own foolishness!

katayoun (May, 2007, Toronto)


Bita said...

Katayoun well done. This is a great poem.

serendip said...

Wonderful Katayoun jan. I'm sorry you're hurt...

Anonymous said...

this is a great poem. I am delighted that we can still find talented Iranians living in exile!

Anonymous said...

I read your poem and have to admit that its resembles the 60s generation. and I liked it alot.

keep up


paul said...

Song of Hiawatha to Hiawatha's building of a canoe.

"...I a light canoe will build me,
Build a swift Cheemaun for sailing,
That shall float upon the river,
Like a yellow leaf in Autumn,
Like a yellow water lily!"...

katayoun said...


The water lily shall be the very beautiful scene for a painter!
The offer is tempting,