Friday, May 25

Just a thank you note.

Bita, 2007

A very especial thanks to U-Waterloo for their courage and effort to invite Islamist/ extremist individual such as Ayatollah Mesbah yazdi to its proud house of education and style. I think that is what the higher education means. Lets say, if by the time you are entering university and have not yet made up your mind to pick a religion , university will do that for you. May be, and lets pray, by the time academically you are prepared to leave the educational institution as a bonus you will find your self a religion too. Bringing Islamic knowledge or something like that (since knowledge and Islam stand on two opposite poles from each other), to compare and contrast between the Good & the Evil or Beauty & the Beast is a brilliant idea. And brilliant ideas always spark on campus.

Congratulation Canadian Educational system for your hospitality and generosity and support of uwaterloo in such glorious event of Christianity faces Islam. I am extremely proud to be a Canadian. One thing that I love about being Canadian is our international politeness (attitude), that which defines us as the peaceful nation in North America.


katayoun said...

Well said, Bita.
You nailed the truth about an aspect of "politeness," as much as you did about the role of the academic world in understanding the problem of Evil!!!

serendip said...

Brilliant. Your points are all spot on. Thanks.

serendip said...

Fundmentalis islam is a parasitic rape culture that kills whatever host culture it infects. Any your poor Canadians have so many of them infesting your country...