Thursday, May 10

An Irreverent individual is a...

An irreverent individual is a person, an appalling creature whose presence in every gathering spoils the mood of the crowd. An irreverent person is a selfish being with an underdeveloped common sense, whose vanity is above and beyond ordinary tolerance. An irreverent person has a nauseating aura which is an illustration of that person’s negative vibrations, and rotten mind.
Now, you can hate this post, or you can like it; whichever is your choice, it should suit your own characteristic too.



serendip said...

dear Kat: I know the kind all to well and they used to annoy me to no end but I learned a few years ago that they are to pittied and ignored as much as possible.

Bita said...

Serendip-e nazaneen,

I agree with you on that point.