Thursday, May 17


Bita, 2007

All I know is that some thirty years ago in Iran, an Ideology, with a peculiar rationale behind it, gained momentum and upon a Political Capitalization on that event, a bunch of Ideologues whose actions were influenced by belief in a set of Islamic and Anti-Iranian principles, created the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Soon, the Islamists were divided and branched out into different Islamic groups (creation of the terrorist groups would be a better justification of their division) such as Mojahedeen-e Khalghe, Forghan, Mahdaviyoon, Hodjatyoon, Falagh, and the Payrovan-e Khat-e Emam, Pasdaran-e Enghelab-e Eslami, Hezbollah and a few others whose name I cannot recall, just now. An idea of a religious “Revolution,” especially, “Islamic Revolution,” was something that made people laugh before it was achieved in 1978-79, and ever since the very bigotry of the teaching of a an Ideal which has restricted, and dismantled the life of a nation, has made the same laughing-people cry!

Today, dissatisfaction with the Islamic government has grown beyond belief….and we are awaiting the final collapse of the Islamic Regime.



Anonymous said...

a very interesting post.

from Iran with respect,

Anonymous said...

Why not write in farsi, you write for Iran, and Iranian know farsi!


serendip said...

Awesome post. Thanks. I was not in Iran during the revolution so I'm very much interested in finding out everything about it. The Artwork is getting better and better. My hats off to Bita.

Bita jan: Do you a website or an art show?

Bita said...

Dear Serendip:
I assume what you are asking is that, do I have a website or an art show?
My main interest is sculpture and installation, that is why my public shows are mainly of such nature. However I am planing to have a show exhibiting my paintings in a near future. Would you like an invetation?.

serendip said...

Bita jan: Wow, I'll be honored...but I think Canada is too far, if you ever have an exhibition in the U.S., I'll be right there in a heartbeat...