Wednesday, May 30

A friendly talk...

Bita, 2007

When you are "Superman," not in a metaphysical form, but in a very physical shape, the whole world thinks of you as a Creature, “who is unusually strong or intelligent or, who can do something extremely well”. So, you are declared larger than life, because of your actions which are formed by your extraordinary power that which makes you Superman.
And when you have declared yourself “The Superpower,” who has a “very great military or economic power and influence,” then you have declared yourself a Mighty power with a vulnerable side. So, you have to be careful not to be the easy target of your own fault. And at the same time, you should keep it mind that whatever decision you make will have a great impact, not only on you, but on what contributes to your greatness.


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Anonymous said...

Well said about Mythological Superman. Nitzche would have loved to interogate you on this subject.