Wednesday, May 23

Bita, 2007
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a delusional man, who sees Iran as “leading the world’s nations in their confrontation against the United States of America”. And accordingly, he has, indirectly, made his point clear to his “Reformist” opponents that “in the field of confrontation of nations against the arrogant system of the United States,” it is only the Islamic Republic who can be the “centre for the nations’ front”.
So, here we have the articulation of a Faquih’s view, whose Velayat determines the fate of a nation.

Khamenei’s televised talk was not only intended to lull a bunch of “students,” whose heads are filled with ideological romanticism in a very awkward manner, but also the Supreme Leader had issued a warning to those who had planned the whole meeting with the US ambassador in Iraq in a due course.

There is a legacy of lunacy that was achieved by Khamenei’s mentor, the infamous Imam Khomeini, that should be respected and protected by the present Supreme Leader of the regime, and accordingly has to be redefined by the same man. Khamenei’s legacy is formed by the very will of the nation, who is now in oblivion, and will be, hopefully, going to emerge and face the most difficult challenge that history could afford to offer to them.

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serendip said...

There is a legacy of lunacy...

Brilliant. That is so true. Who authroized this man or Khomeini to fight unilaterally "Imperialism" with the blood and treasure of the Iranian people? Did Iranian people agree to this delusion? Was there a referandum on this issue? What a ridiculous proposition. Khomeini was an angry psychopath driven by hatred and destruction of everything on his path...a mad man.