Thursday, May 31

Rummaging through the recent past!!!

Bita, 2007

It is my duty to write about things that do matter, otherwise why run a blog?
I can sit behind my desk and get on with my research and might as well forget about why, four months ago, I decided to have my own space, where I can freely and without the slightest hesitation say what I think is most appropriate in this time, when uncertainties are surpassing my expectations.

The current political unrest in Iran, the public protestation against the Mullah’s tyranny which has worn out “Iranian patience and politeness,” are the issues that do matter, as much as Global Warming, or Environmental disasters are of great concern to me. However, a dangerous ideology that is being spread around the globe, and is threatening the lives of many on this planet, should be considered an environmental disaster too.

One of the ways of reducing the dangers of the aftermath of an Islamic Revolution in Iran, is by rummaging through Iran’s contemporary history( in the manner most suitable to the taste of the readers) and see what had happened and why?! By looking at history from an objective point of view, and analyzing the mind-set of the time, especially with respect to the political conditions of that era, and the susceptibility of people in mistaking their superstitious for righteousness and freedom, one can, perhaps. understand, but certainly not justify, the event of those days.

Now, from morrow, this blog is going to dedicate a post a day, to the events of the infamous 1979. This job is done mostly by revisiting the news of that time; reflected either in print or media.
So long till morrow.


Wednesday, May 30

A friendly talk...

Bita, 2007

When you are "Superman," not in a metaphysical form, but in a very physical shape, the whole world thinks of you as a Creature, “who is unusually strong or intelligent or, who can do something extremely well”. So, you are declared larger than life, because of your actions which are formed by your extraordinary power that which makes you Superman.
And when you have declared yourself “The Superpower,” who has a “very great military or economic power and influence,” then you have declared yourself a Mighty power with a vulnerable side. So, you have to be careful not to be the easy target of your own fault. And at the same time, you should keep it mind that whatever decision you make will have a great impact, not only on you, but on what contributes to your greatness.


Tuesday, May 29

Shaw and Criticism

“Criticism is not only medicinally salutary: it has positive popular attractions in its cruelty, its gladiatorship, and the gratification given to envy by its attacks on the great, and to enthusiasm by its praises. It may say things which many would like to say, but dare not, and indeed for want of skill could not even if they durst” (Bernard Shaw, Mainly about Myself)

Posted by Katayoun

Monday, May 28

A Talk as good as it gets!!!

Bita ,2007

And finally they (Americans and the culprits of the Islamic Regime)sat to talk. The meeting was held in the heavily guarded Green Zone, at the Iraqi PM’s office, where for four hours Iranian Ambassador Hassan Kazemi Qomi and US Ambassador Ryan Crocker were “cordial and focused on Iraq,” and at the end declared their unaffected love for each other.
What a moment of jubilation for nations—Iraqis, Americans, and Iranians alike-- so anxious to see their politicians making the best of the moment at hand!!!

Now, we shall wait and see what is on the agenda for their next meeting…


Saturday, May 26

O' Canada, I am hurt by you!

Bita, 2007

O' Canada, my adopted land,
I am hurt by you,
why did you let me down?
why do you have to treat my enemy,
as if you are treating a dear friend, why?
O' Canada, my adopted land,
Do I have a right to be mad at you,
for taking me for a fool,
for giving me all that I never had,
and taking away the only thing that I had.
O' Canada, my adopted land,
I am in your bosom,
but you are so cold to me,
that I cannot feel your warmth.
O' Canada, my adopted land,
You should have an answer for me,
I will write you a letter,
be carefull when you are leaving it to the cruel hands of the shreder,
and please do grant me a public apology,
for my own foolishness!

katayoun (May, 2007, Toronto)

Friday, May 25

Just a thank you note.

Bita, 2007

A very especial thanks to U-Waterloo for their courage and effort to invite Islamist/ extremist individual such as Ayatollah Mesbah yazdi to its proud house of education and style. I think that is what the higher education means. Lets say, if by the time you are entering university and have not yet made up your mind to pick a religion , university will do that for you. May be, and lets pray, by the time academically you are prepared to leave the educational institution as a bonus you will find your self a religion too. Bringing Islamic knowledge or something like that (since knowledge and Islam stand on two opposite poles from each other), to compare and contrast between the Good & the Evil or Beauty & the Beast is a brilliant idea. And brilliant ideas always spark on campus.

Congratulation Canadian Educational system for your hospitality and generosity and support of uwaterloo in such glorious event of Christianity faces Islam. I am extremely proud to be a Canadian. One thing that I love about being Canadian is our international politeness (attitude), that which defines us as the peaceful nation in North America.

An open-dialogue with the Iranian scholar-clerics!!!

Talk is a good thing, especially when you are trying to solve the problem of ideological differences, and have an open-dialogue with true scholars. But you can never have an open-dialogue with the promoters of an extreme ideology that which has brought a nation to it’s historical down fall, in the name of God.
To have a talk with the very people who represent what Khomeini stood for, is to stand against a nation’s struggle for freedom and existence. To act according to your “biblical command,” and be the “agents of reconciliation,” and organize an “inter-faith conference” and to have the audacity to ignore the truth about Mesbeh-Yazdi and have him as your “scholar-invitee,” is to stand against a nation’s plight for freedom. As a Canadian Citizen with an Iranian Origin, I am appalled by an “academic” invitation issued to such people with such “academic credential”, with such magnitude of ignorance.

I have only one thing to say, that is this: be careful with whom you are trying to negotiate a talk, and how you receive that person, and with what kind of ceremonial pretentious you are going to have him in your “intellectual institution” for an open-dialogue?
These questions should be on your mind when you are inviting a bunch of “scholars,” whose “scholarly” credential along their “political” biases should be the matters of your concern, unless you are, somehow, sharing their sentiments!


Wednesday, May 23

To Revolt!

To revolt against a regime, is to take a violent action against those in power. This is a simple definition of what we would like to term as “revolt”. And to revolt against an ideology one needs to be awakened, and well-equipped to fight such a grand battle.

Apart from what has been done to Iranians by the Mullahs and their culprits, during the past three decades, the events of the past ten days, and the treatment the women received from the very hands of the Islamic authorities, has unveiled the truth about the true colour of Islam as a peaceful religion that which “holds on to the highest regard for women”!!!


Bita, 2007
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a delusional man, who sees Iran as “leading the world’s nations in their confrontation against the United States of America”. And accordingly, he has, indirectly, made his point clear to his “Reformist” opponents that “in the field of confrontation of nations against the arrogant system of the United States,” it is only the Islamic Republic who can be the “centre for the nations’ front”.
So, here we have the articulation of a Faquih’s view, whose Velayat determines the fate of a nation.

Khamenei’s televised talk was not only intended to lull a bunch of “students,” whose heads are filled with ideological romanticism in a very awkward manner, but also the Supreme Leader had issued a warning to those who had planned the whole meeting with the US ambassador in Iraq in a due course.

There is a legacy of lunacy that was achieved by Khamenei’s mentor, the infamous Imam Khomeini, that should be respected and protected by the present Supreme Leader of the regime, and accordingly has to be redefined by the same man. Khamenei’s legacy is formed by the very will of the nation, who is now in oblivion, and will be, hopefully, going to emerge and face the most difficult challenge that history could afford to offer to them.

Saturday, May 19



Ezra Pound an American Poet—“the poet’s poet”-- and a Literary Critic of the Modern era, was born in Idaho in 1885. He went to the University of Pennsylvania where he studied languages (and was already familiar with Greek and Latin) and from 1903 to 1906 he studied “Anglo-Saxon and Romance languages at Hamilton College. In 1908, Pound began a series of travels throughout Europe, and gathering experiences that would, later on, influence him in such a way as to cause him the great trouble. By 1912 he was recognized as a prominent poet, and helped found the Imagist movement.
Pound is a controversial figure of literary worth; a man with a pre-world war II connection to Fascism, for he was voicing his “support for Fascism over Italian radio,” and by 1945 he was arrested by the U.S. Army, and was declared “insane,” after being put through an extensive medical examination, he was, accordingly, found “unfit to stand trial for treason and was committed to a hospital in Washington, D.C. until 1958, when his charges were finally dismissed and he was released from hospital.
Pound’s Cantos brought him the prestigious Bollingen Prize in 1948 and an Academy of American Arts Fellowship in 1963. He died on November 1, 1972, in Venice.


Go, my songs, to the lonely and the unsatisfied,
Go also to the nerve-racked, go to the enslaved-by-convention,
Bear to them my contempt for their oppressors.
Go as a great wave of cool water,
Bear my contempt of oppressors.

Speak against unconscious oppression,
Speak against the tyranny of the unimaginative,
Speak against bonds.
Go to the bourgeoise, who is dying of her ennuis,
Go to the women in suburbs.
Go to the hideous wedded,
Go to them, whose failure is concealed,
Go to the unluckily mated,
Go to the bought wife,
Go to the woman entailed.

Go to those who have delicate lust,
Go to those whose delicate desires are thwarted,
Go like a blight upon the dullness of the world;
Go with your edge against this,
Strengthen the subtle cords,
Bring confidence upon the algae and the tentacles of the soul.

Go in a friendly manner,
Go with an open speech,
Be eager to find new evils and new good,
Be against all forms of oppression.
Go to those who are thickened with middle age,
To those who have lost interest.

Go to the adolescent who are smothered in family-
Oh how hideous it is
To see three generations of one house gathered together!
It is like an old tree with shoots,
And with some branches rotted and falling.
Go out and defy opinion,
Go against this vegetable bondage of the blood.
Be against all sorts of mountain.

Ezra Pound (1885-1972)

Posted by Katayoun

Thursday, May 17


Bita, 2007

All I know is that some thirty years ago in Iran, an Ideology, with a peculiar rationale behind it, gained momentum and upon a Political Capitalization on that event, a bunch of Ideologues whose actions were influenced by belief in a set of Islamic and Anti-Iranian principles, created the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Soon, the Islamists were divided and branched out into different Islamic groups (creation of the terrorist groups would be a better justification of their division) such as Mojahedeen-e Khalghe, Forghan, Mahdaviyoon, Hodjatyoon, Falagh, and the Payrovan-e Khat-e Emam, Pasdaran-e Enghelab-e Eslami, Hezbollah and a few others whose name I cannot recall, just now. An idea of a religious “Revolution,” especially, “Islamic Revolution,” was something that made people laugh before it was achieved in 1978-79, and ever since the very bigotry of the teaching of a an Ideal which has restricted, and dismantled the life of a nation, has made the same laughing-people cry!

Today, dissatisfaction with the Islamic government has grown beyond belief….and we are awaiting the final collapse of the Islamic Regime.


Tuesday, May 15

What is wrong with Ahmadinejad?

2007, Bita

Some describe him as a megalomaniac, while other believe that he is an egomaniac who will provoke something that is bigger than him to handle. And even some believe that he is a puppet who has a mandate by which he must make the power-elite content. And I believe that he may be all of what every one said, as much as he can be something else, let say a “Dreamer”!
He has a “dream;” and he wants to make it come true. You may say that there is nothing wrong with having a "dream," and I say that you are absolutely right. There is nothing wrong in having a "dream," if your dream does not determine the fate of the world!

But Ahmadinejad's dream is not an ordinary, harmless and personal dream; for he wants to pave the path for the landing of the 12th Imam of the Shiites, and towards achieving this dream he is working really hard, especially when he opens his mouth and utters words that are larger than the mouth. But again, when I think of his kind, I cannot expect anything more or less, for if that happens the whole world shall be very “disappointed” to see such a lame “theatre absurd”!
Meanwhile, the Supreme Leader and the rest of the clerics, who are aligned with him, are trying to negotiate a deal with the other political Mafioso in Iran; for they know that “their ass is on fire”. However, I believe that as ill-minded and retarded the president of the Islamic Republic may be in holding on to a childish dream, at the end of the game it should really not be of any matter what Ahmadinejad might dream, unless the rest of the power-elite in Iran decides that it is time for him to achieve his little dream, or become a martyr to the cause of his dream!


Friday, May 11

"The good wife's guide"

Untitled,07, Bita

I’ve received the following “mock up,” or the “article,” in its entirety, via mail, and the only explanation that came with it was that in 1970s the “guide” was circulated around college campuses, and “now is circulating” the net. Since I have no intention of re-typing the whole thing here, I have decided to jot down a few of the “suggestions,” and if you are interested to read the entire thing, you can click here, and read on!

Here is a sample of the guidelines:

“Have a dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for his return”.

One may dare to say, “What could be more delightful than preparing a meal for two, in order to make “One” happy?

“Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people”.

Women in those days were magicians just as they are now! And poor, poor dear-old-mummys’boys, who had to deal with a “lot of work-weary people;” they really did deserve to be taken care of by their women!

“Over the cooler months of the year you should prepare and light a fire for him to unwind by. Your husband will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give you a lift too. After all, catering for his comfort will provide you with immense personal satisfaction”.

In those days, apparently, a woman’s ease and “satisfaction” in life depended on her husband’s “comfort” that which depended upon residing in Haven!!!

“Don’t ask him questions about his actions or question his judgment or integrity. Remember, he is the master of the house and as such will always exercise his will with fairness and truthfulness. You have no right to question him”.


Thursday, May 10

Just a thought!

Bita, 2007

Adolescent is such a strange age for a being. In one side the hormones are oozing out, therefore periodically or constantly the body chemically could be unbalanced. On the other hand, the mind is not completely set up, so things are unsettling. You might say things are in constant motion to the point of extreme nausea. How do I know all these insightful symptom of adolescent? Personal experience plus working with such an age group.


An Irreverent individual is a...

An irreverent individual is a person, an appalling creature whose presence in every gathering spoils the mood of the crowd. An irreverent person is a selfish being with an underdeveloped common sense, whose vanity is above and beyond ordinary tolerance. An irreverent person has a nauseating aura which is an illustration of that person’s negative vibrations, and rotten mind.
Now, you can hate this post, or you can like it; whichever is your choice, it should suit your own characteristic too.


Tuesday, May 8


Untitle ,07, Bita

We are, finally, reconnected.

It took us nine days to get reconnected again, and I must admit that having no connection was not that bad at all. And I must add that, I think, sometimes it is rather a privilege to stay away from Electronic gadgets and live without them. Beyond Electronic world, there is the real one, in which people face, function and experience what seems to be the reality of their surrounding. What you gain by living in the real World is incompatible with what you learn about the same World, when entering the Net.
Let us live in the real world, while exploring the virtual one as well.