Wednesday, April 25



At the place where I am busy doing some stuff, there is a person whose vanity is above and beyond ordinary tolerance. And the lack of character the person suffers from is so devastatingly obvious that whenever a colleague has an encounter with that person, he or she regrets that encounter for a very long time; never mind his poor, helpless students!

As a result of having a member of our community in such outlandish character, we have started to believe that tolerating such being teaches one to practice what is to be called a great quality of mind that is “patience.”

Some people are too vain to see or understand the truth. They are simpleton in their way of thinking, naïve in their way of perceiving the fine line between reality and fantasy, and incredibly delusional in their great expectations of others. Often, they may be successful in establishing themselves in certain areas in life, and almost never capable of achieving what they really admire in others. They mistake vanity with esteem, as they conceive esteem as arrogance, and with such attitude they conduct themselves in life.



Anonymous said...

That's a heck of a post?...
I have to agree with you on vanity and its consequences...there are lots of people(Iranian) who suffer from it...go to the Iranian blogs and see how they are jumping up and down to show themselves


serendip said...

Excellent post. As anonymous aptly puts it, many Iranians are afflicted with these disease.

I think you would like this from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand:

katayoun said...

My Dear "S", anonymous,

At least you did not jump on my throat. I absolutelt agree with you and Serendip, that these people are hit by this plague, and who knows how many of them are out there?!

Serendip-e Mehrban,

You always feed me back with a good link, here and there. I thak you for your friendship.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post!

serendip said...

Katayoun jan: You're more than welcome.