Wednesday, April 25

Untitled 2007, Bita

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not a simple document that which can or “should be ignored,” but rather it is a very important piece of manifestation which deserves an in-depth investigation.

This document is the very foundation upon which the whole empire of Islamic (Satanic) Republic of Iran was built. This document is a representation of Mullah’s plan in establishing their long-wanted tyranny. Throughout the document, from the very first lines of its Preamble, to its very last “Chapter”—the Revision of the Constitution—and its last “Article,”—article 177 [Revision by Council and Referendum], this document represents nothing but inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and blatant misstatements.

Based on such Constitution the Islamic Republic of Iran was established to accommodate “legislation setting forth regulations for the administration of society.” And accordingly, the regulations, of course, will “resolve around Koran and Sunnah.” Furthermore, “the exercise of meticulous and earnest supervision by just, pious and committed scholars is an absolute necessity.”

What can we expect from the State that is going to function towards the achievement of what has been written in the Constitution of the country? The aim of such a state, according to such a document, is to “foster growth of man in such a way that the progress towards the establishment of a Divine Order (in accordance with the Koranic Phrase, “and towards God is the journeying” [3:28]”
It should be of no surprise to us to discover that this Constitution is to “create capacities, so that the theomorphic dimensions of the human being are manifested in accordance with the injunction of the prophet of Islam, “Mould yourselves according to the Divine Morality”.

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue on…



Anonymous said...

درود بر شما که با جدیت به قانون اساسی اسلامی میپردازید

پاینده باد ایران و آرامش جهان زیبایمان

serendip said...

Let me just say, how much I love the artwork. I'm going the read the rest now...

serendip said...

I don't think Christians and Jew or Hindus will like to live under Sharia...This is not going to go well.

BTW, have u Hoder's recent garbage?

Bita said...

ناشناسِ گرامی،

به سرای الکترونیکی ما خوش آمدید!!
Serendip Jan,

this Constitution has not been designed to accommodate any body but the Islamists!
As for Hoder, he is so lame that is not worth paying any attention.
I never bother with his blog's content.


PS: about the Artwork, I must say that I am absolutely proud of having an artist as my one and only Sister.
and thank you for your kindness in paying attention to her work.

serendip said...

Katayoun jan: You have every reason to be proud of your sister. She is awesome.

Bita said...

Dearest Serendip,

You are most kind. It is our great delight to make the content of this blog most joyous to a friend such as yourself.


Bita said...

Dear Serendip:
Take it easy, my heart is weak.:)
Thank you kindly for supporting us.