Sunday, April 15

The Three Clerics

Do you know the guys in the picture?

From left to write: Ali Geda, the present Spiritual Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, also known as the only “alive martyr” who has to be kept in the Museum of antiquity. He was also a “President” of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and saw to the affair of the state from 1981 to 1989.
The second from left is no one but the “red cardinal,” our famous man of Financial means and power, the man whose name, once, appeared on the grand list of the Forbes. His name is Akbar-e Hashemi-e Rafsanjani; he was also, among many things, a “President” of the Islamic Republic, who ran the affair of the state from 1989 to 1997. .
But unfortunately, the third cleric in the picture, with a grayish beard, “Shahid” Beheshi, whom according to his name was meant to be residing in Behesht, did not live long enough to become a “President” of the Islamic Republic. He is the “dead martyr,” because he was “assassinated.” He once led, before the Revolution, an Islamic Centre in Hamburg, where he educated many clerics such as Khatami, another “President” of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who also oversaw the affairs of the state from 1997 to 2005.

As for the forth cleric in the picture, I cannot recall his name; but that should not be an important thing, since he does not need a name, for he is a cleric who is sitting amongst the most famous of all.

The three men of whom I gave you the brief introduction have many things in common, from among which I only list a few:

1) They are all Mullahs.
2) They all look happy and are smiling; although Rafsanjani seems to be smirking!
3) They all knew each other, and had a great understanding of the other’s intentions.
4) Two of them were holding sensitive posts, and gained a lot!!
5) Two of them survived assassination attempts, while the third one could not!!
6) They had a plan and we did not!

Do you want me to say more?!



Bita said...

This is a great introduction to the top Mullahs and their relationship within the fascist state.

serendip said...

Kathy: You've outdone yourself this time. I love the ending. It's so brilliant.

I heard somwhere that Ali Geda receives 1/7 of all the oil revenues straight into his bank account..from beign a geda to a multi-billionare...

katayoun said...

My Dearest Sis,

If it was not for the Mullahs, you and I could be living in the home we loved and had to leave!!!
Serendip Jan,

Sometimes I think that we are living in a surreal world, where everything is designed to accommodate the absurdity of the current situation!!
However, since Iranians, in general suffer from short-term memory loss, we need to remind them of the events of the past three decades with a hope that it will provoke some minute thoughts in them!!
And as usuall you are kind to me.



Anonymous said...

Dear Katayoun,

You have no Idea how this post has made me anxious and mad!!
Thanks for talking about these زالوهای اسلامی.


serendip said...

LOL @shahram...zaloohaye eslami...very funny.

Katayoun jan: You're so right. We do suffer from lack of long-term memory but you're here to remind us...:-)

Anonymous said...

I like what I read on this site. Although sometimes I can disagree with certain point of view, but the way you write your opinions is very solid and respectfull.

Thank you for being here!!


serendip said...

Kathy Jan: here is the article I promised. You Don't have to read the article. You can Just read the comment section. I hope you find it interesting.

katayoun said...

My Dear Serendip,

Your kindness is appreciated. I am going to read the article now.

See you soon!