Sunday, April 22

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Iran is lacking Nationhood. And there is no one, I dare say, no one in this world, who could, in any form or matter of unsolicited argument, convince me otherwise. It indeed should be a matter of great debate about the non-unity amongst the Iranians, either living in exile, or at Home.
In the long history of a country that has always been of great interest either to its enemy or its friends, we have never seen anything like what we see today in Iran. The public is suffering from the lack of real “knowledge;” they are incapable of distinguishing between “the bad and the worst.”
Inside the country, those who fight against the regime, the Iranians with a great hope for a better tomorrow are so dispersed and so alienated by the very nature of their society that their voices are “unheard” by the majority, and their plight is unrecognized! But, where is the attentive public in today’s Iranian society?
Where is that spirit that was supposed to be shared amongst the exiles in their fight against the theocracy that which is driving the country to the very edge of “Balcanization”?



Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you on the lack of "nationhood" in Iran...

good post

serendip said...

katayoun jan: You nailed it. I've trying to figure out this phenomenon for quite a while now and I can't really undersand it...have a good day.

katayoun said...

dear anonymous,

at least you and I agree on something! that's the starter!
---my dear Serendip,
The objective of the post was to draw the viewer's attention to the current activities in and out of Iran, and in the name of Iran!!!
We must do something