Sunday, April 8

A Slimy House of Common

2001 Cheese House Wyoming, Powell WY: House In Cheese

As an Artist, I found it quite refreshing, looking at the art works in general .The "Bad or Good art" both have similar effects, yet, in two opposite poles, on me. However they are both motivational and stimulating for my artistic side.
Browsing through a Canadian born artist, Cosimo Cavallaro’s website I enjoyed his artistic expressions, in particular, seeing the "Cheese House," motivated me so much. I started to think about a "site- specifics" in which, I could have a performance art/ installation, but perhaps instead of focusing on the "cheesiness of life," I'd be moving towards slimy/wet "site-specific". A really appropriate site for such slimy installation is nowhere else but the house of common of the Islamic fascist regime (well known as the Islamic Invaders).
I have been so involved in thinking about a diplomatic way to approach the Islamic regime, to get a permission and do a similar project or installation in their house of common. May be a performance art would be a better name.
It accrued to me that the medium of my choice is "True Iranian ’s spits". Since it can be a little bet of an hard time and perhaps unhealthy to collect people's saliva, and to give freshness a chance, I will send invitation to all True Iranians to drop by and spit on the exterior or interior of the Islamic house of Common. It would even be of more a pleasure if you'd spit on the figures which have seats in the house, and than the house itself. To all the active participants and the spectators of this performance art, this will be joyful, painless and a great way to express yourself; only through art.



katayoun said...

Dear Bita,

If you need a participant for your project, I would love to have my name down on your list: count me in, I am all for it.
After almost 30 years of Islamic Tyrany, a few buckets of Salavi is not much for them!!

Bita said...

Dear Katayoun:
This is what I mean True- Iranian. You are added to the list. Welcome to the team girl!

serendip said...

ROFL! Good one. I would love to shower the beloved satanic republic with my salvia. Of course, all in the name of art...LOL

Bita said...

Dear serendip:
Welcome to the team girl!