Sunday, April 1

The Referandum of 12 Farvardin

One of Bita's recent works (March, 2007)

Farvardin is a very special month for Persians. Farvardin is the first month in the Persian calendar; Norooz’s celebrations starts in the 1st day of this month.
According to Zoroastrian belief, Farvardin “refers to the
Faravashis,” which are guardian angels or “protecting spirits,” who guide the souls of the departed to heaven. In addition, each family or clan has its own spirit, whose sole job is to protect, and look after its people. It is also believed that “the Faravashis helped Ahura Mazda in the creation of the world, and they are the defenders of heaven”. Furthermore, in Zoroastrian faith, the Faravashis are the “ancestral spirits of true believer.”

Now, Farvardin is a very special month for all Iranians, because we celebrate and mourn all at once. On the
12th day of the month of Farvardin, some twenty-eight years ago, in that inauspicious day a minority of “Iranians voted on whether Iran should become an Islamic Republic”?! I remember that ghastly day, when people were forced to go to the polling stations. It was a Theatre Absurd!
The secularists, those who were against the creation of the Islamic Republic, and some of the “communist” groups, boycotted the election, and refused to participate in it. Nonetheless, things moved according to the “Plan,” and Khomeini, that Satan in disguise, declared a victory “over the arrogant”. That "election"victory did pave the path that had led to decades of social, civil, and economical decay, and the suffering of a nation in the hands of the Mullahs in Iran. And the struggle of the Iranians against the Islamic regime still continues on, while the world watches the whole event, with popcorn in hand.



Anonymous said...

What I like about your site is that, you always say what you say, in the right time, when it is most appropriate!

Doroud bar shoma

serendip said...

Great info. Indeed, that fateful day has cost us so much. The satanic regime has done so much irreprable damage to the body and soul of our nation. May someday soon will be free of the swamp they're drowning our nation into.

Anonymous said...

there is an Iranian blog who thinks who know it all!! Even about the "Revolution". But I like what you pointe at, when talking about the event of 12 Farvardin.


katayoun said...

Dear anonymus,

There are a few Iranian bloggers who either Lie intenesely or exaggerate in a grand scale. What can we do, Good always comes with Bad.