Saturday, April 21

A little thing to share with you!

Untitled ,Bita

There was a day, and in a particular hour of that day, I badly wanted the time to remain still. I was absolutely aware that this “time shall pass too,” yet somehow I was secretly hoping that I’d be seeing a miraculous hand clutching hard to the hands of my band-watch, and prevent the time from passing so pleasing and painfully all at once. Too many feelings to be taken in, too many things to be done, but I let it all go, and wait to see how it is done?!



serendip said...

Kathy jan: hopefully you'll have many more little moments like this one. In fact, I'm certain you will. Thanks for sharing a brief snap shot of your most intimate emotions, beautifully captured in your words.

Bita said...

My Dearest Serendip,
As usual you are gracious and I am thankful