Thursday, April 5

Just a simple note!

"Untitled" (Bita, April 5th, 2007)

Why do we share our thoughts with each other, in our Blogs? Do we express ourselves just to relief ourselves from that which has caused us a disturbance, or has aroused a certain feeling, or emotion within us?

The above questions disturb my mind whenever I visit a blog which is run by a person who, clearly, lacks many things among which one can mention this: Talent.

A blog is a free space for which we don’t pay a dime or penny (whichever word you choose to pick), a room of our own, where we can share our “Thoughts,” “Feelings,” and “Concerns” with each other. And of course, in some cases, a blog is a free spot at which we advertise for someone else’s goods, while we make a few bucks too!

But, do you not think that a blog, however, should be more than just a free-space, for those who want to sell their Rubbish to those who commute through the virtual space?

Would it not be better if we thought of this free space, as a place where the minds come in contact with each other, where cultures meet in a manner of second?

Some people think that since a blog is a free space; use it in whichever way and manner you are acquainted with. But I have another suggestion: for the sake of people’s sanity make yourself a bit more virtually invisible. Don’t make people feel the pain of exploring the site that is filled with nonsense and things that have not a shred of intelligence behind their creation.

As bloggers, we can be what we want to be, but maintain a certain degree of respect for those who come in contact with us. We can say what we want and think is right to say, but think twice before we write it down, and make others read it. In this free space, one can be Oneself, if that Self is capable of being a Self. Be what you want to be, but don’t invade people’s space because you want to be free!



Bita said...
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Bita said...

I am totally up for respecting others' time and effort which they put while browsing a blog. It is always helpful to use at least one third of the brain.

Winston said...

good post

Bita said...

Dear Winston,

Very kind of you to leave us positive feedback.