Friday, April 6

An Islamic Friday Prayer in Pakistan!!

In Pakistan, according to New York Times, “A hard-line cleric said Friday that he was setting up a religious court here in the country’s capital, and threatened suicide attacks if the government did not enact Islamic Law and close down brothels and video stores within a month.” I remember, a few years ago, in Canada some of the Islamic groups called upon the legislation to have permission to set up an Islamic Court, in Ontario. But they were not successful at all. Thanks God!!

A Friday Prayer for a Moslem nation and an Islamic State is more important than anything else. This State-run-Prayer includes preaching, praying and chanting moronic slogans, and often ends in setting a Flag on Fire; just to show how peaceful is Islam, of course.
Now, a political show, that is the Friday Prayer, is run by the means of announcement and exciting the naïve public who participate in the staging of such a show. And when a Mullah announces that either the government should listen to his plea or the hardliners (or the Fascists) would start killing innocent people, and perhaps call it a Jihad against that regime of Parviz Khan, the whole event becomes worthy of attention. The Great Britain has invested so much in that country that any “out-of-the-hand” situation would be just unbearable.

The funniest point of this report from Pakistan was the fact that some Moslem female students, those who are veiled, participated in some Islamic-run-show and had done their best to compete with their Moslem brethren, in attacking shops, and places, and bringing horror to people. Imagine trying to talk to a herd of angry, deprived, veiled Moslem Bitches! What a misery life can inflict upon you?!

This is what it is; you invent an “Islamic State,” you have to deal with it!
It has become an Islamic tradition, either to murder people with swords, or with gun, and/or bombs. As if Islam is incapable of delivering the “promise of his prophet,” to bring peace into this world!!



serendip said...

This was an outstanding post with a dash of humor. I enjoyed it immensley. Thank you.

Unfortunately, this is has become commonplace in the Islamic countries who are agitated and exploited by the clerical status-quo. I wrote a post a while back and talked about this lunacy and where it stems from. Professor Ghandchi articulates the problem more than I ever could. I'll try to find the link for you. Outstanding post.

katayoun said...

Dear Serendip,

thank you. as always your cheerfulness, and words of encouragment has touched me.

serendip said...

Dear Katayoun: When you got it, you flaunt it...LOL

Take care and look forward to more posts from you guys.

Bita said...

Dear Katayoun:
I get a chill, every time I pass by one of this “figures in shadow”. Great post.