Tuesday, April 3

How is it going to work?!

Another work by Bita (April 3rd, 2007)

I wish I could say that I understand what is happening in American Political arena, but I cannot. Mrs. Pelosi, the darling of the Democrats and the Speaker of the United States of America House of Representatives, has gone on a Middle Eastern tour, in order to negotiate with the Syrian government. And I wonder why? Only a few days ago the King of Saudi Arabia called upon Arab nations to consider making peace with Israel. Now, as we all know, Ehud Olmert has chosen to send a special message to the Syrian president, Bashar Assad, through Mrs. Pelosi. In fact, we can say that the Democrats and the Prime Minister of Israel have one thing in common; they all love Mrs. Pelosi. But the question is that do the Syrians love her as much?

We know that the Syrians would enjoy having the “Golan Hights” back. As we know that they would do anything to secure a deal with Israel, if such a deal ensures them the return of the “Golan Hights”. At the same time, Israel would never make a deal with the Syrians unless there is a shift of Policy in Syria towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, and even then the return of the Hights will depend upon some other conditions. Such conditions may include the relationship between Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Lebanon and Palestine.
We also know that the Islamic Regime of Iran has always been the favorite son-of-the democrats, and as such a child can make some noises when the daddy is in the office. But then, does daddy tolerate the noises made by the Palestinian Hamas, and Lebanon’s Hizbollah, and the obvious connection between these terrorist groups and the Hezbollah in the Islamic Republic of Iran? And if all the problems of this front is solved, how daddy is going to take care of Iraq? So, what are we to make of this political absurdity??

Do you think that the Democrats know how to do magic in the Middle East? So far the Foreign policy of either the Republicans or the Democrats has brought nothing but failure and disaster to the region. Let us see how the Syrians and the other Arab nations play their cards!


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