Saturday, April 7

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

For those of you who are interested to read through the many articles of the constitution of a Fascist State such as the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it should come as no surprise to read the Preamble to the Constitution of the country, and find out that the aforementioned document has been written with a special aim to create a Global Fascist State.

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic claims to “advance the cultural, social, political, and economic institution of Iranian society based on Islamic principles, and norms, which represent an honest aspiration of the Islamic Ummah”. (Can you find any room for the “minority, and non-religious Iranians” in that Constitution?)

An “aspiration,” that has established the path for the succession of the Islamic Shia Kalifat, in Iran, which was brought about by the very “nature of the great Islamic Revolution of Iran”! This so called “aspiration” was illustrated by the “course of Muslim people’s struggle, from its beginning until victory, as reflected in the decisive and forceful calls raised by all segments of the population”.

In the Preamble (an Islamic Manifesto for the establishment of an illegitimate State) to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, it has been mentioned that, “the plan of the Islamic government as proposed by…Khomayni at the height of the period of repression and strangulation practiced by the despotic regime, produced a new specific, and streamline motive for the Muslim people, opening us before them the true path of Islamic ideological struggle, and giving greater intensity to the struggle of militant Muslims both within the country and abroad”.

In addition, the task of such Constitution is to enforce the Ideological objectives of the Islamic movements and to “create conditions conducive to the development of men in accordance with the noble (such a word!), and universal (such an ambitious goal!) values of Islam".
In particular, in the development of “international relations,” the Manifesto will “strive with other Islamic and popular movements” (the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah…) in order to prepare the “way for the formation of a single world community…” And of course, this goal cannot be achieved without the reference to the Quranic verses such as this: “ is a single community, and I am your Lord, so worship me,” (or I will smite you very hard). (21:92)

And I wonder how many lives should the Fascists sacrifice for the establishment of an “Ideology,” which has been created some 1400 years ago, by an ambiguous Sacred Teaching that is still under scholarly investigation?



Anonymous said...

I would want to salute you for your effort in bringing these "forgotten" issue into our attention. In fact, many of us, especially, the bloggers, do not know the scope of people's desire for understanding the Issues at hand.

Dorod bar Shoma

Bita said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am sure there are many bloggers who pay attention to these "forgotten issues," but since there are many issues to deal with, they might not be able to do it, in a proper manner. But, each of us has a responsibility to do what they think is right and useful for the viewers and themselves.

My salutation to you.

Winston said...


Do you consider yourself a conservative in its classical sense?

katayoun said...

Dear Winston,

I am neither a Conservative, nor a Democrat, nor a Neo-democrat, nor or a Liberal. Respectively, I have no intention of defining myself in terms of a specific political philosophy. I rather stay free from any “ism,” or “ist,” that can cause me an undesirable problem, and interrupt the natural course of my life. As a free Canadian and an Iranian in exile, I express myself to stay alive.
I hope you find my answer a bit satisfactory.


Bita said...

Dear Winston:
I wonder why would you ask such question?


serendip said...

Katayoun jan: I have been wanting to write about this forever but being lazy I forgot all about. Thank you for underscoring the hegemonic (ideologican and political) aspiration of the satanic khomeinist regime.

Can I re-print this on my blog.

katayoun said...

Dear Serendip,

It is my delight that you have found the post interesting. I, usually, try to write about what seems to be "forgotten".
AND with my pleasure you can re-print the post on your blog.


Winston said...

no offense... I was just curious. Will add you to my blogroll soon

katayoun said...

Dear Winston,

I am not offended, by any means. Just wanted to answer you. Thanks for your kindness in adding us to your blog.

Pirooz va sarboland bashi