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The Constitution of Iran will continue on...

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It is a necessary practice for a successful nation to read, and to study and learn all that there is in their historical records, official documents and treaties, which are in public access. The knowledge that is gained by examining those papers is a wholesome truth by which a nation can detangle the knot to her success, which is the attainment of Freedom and Democracy in Iran.


The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on Velayat-e Faquih. In other world, a collective religious authority running the affairs of the state is called Velayat-e Faquih. Velayat-e Faquih is a theocracy designed and established by the “Leader of the Revolution” Khomeini. A Faquih is s a religious figure regarded as the most knowledgeable of all about Islam! This position was occupied by Khomeini immediately after the Revolution. After Khomeini’s death, Khamenei, the so called “Supreme Leader” (also known as “Spiritual Leader” of the republic) took the leadership seat, which was assigned to him by Khomeini before his death.

In Khomeini’s book, Kashef-ul-Ghata, it has been stated that “because the Faquihs are not prophets therefore they are the inheritors and heirs to the prophet Muhammad…and during the period of waiting for the resurrection of the twelfth Imam, the Faquihs are the head of all nations” (101-102). Now in the Preamble to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran it has been asserted that “the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran advances the cultural, social, political, and economic institution of Iranian society based on Islamic principles and norms, which represent an honest aspiration of the Islamic Ummah”. Ummah is a Koranic word defined as “those who believe in Islam and are under the guidance” of the prophet of Islam. Are we the Ummah??

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