Wednesday, April 4

Are we vigilant?

My dear Iranian compatriots, what is Wrong with Us? Really, what is happening in our minds? When would be the proper time for us to wake up and listen to our truthful mind?
Iran, the home we were forced to leave, is struggling against all its foes, and we watch this happen right in front of our faces. And then, after a long pause, with certain calm we say, “C’est la vie!”

Have you read the news, recently? Have you paid a slightest attention to the media's subtle portrayal of the “upsurge of ethnic unrest in Iran”? Did you know that even the terrible regime is getting more alert about these “unrests”?
Do you remember what happened to the former Yugoslavia? Or is your short-term memory badly damaged? Or perhaps you are being too occupied with “this and that” that you cannot even pick up that gloriously and democratically designed Vanity Fair (very British in aptitude for revealing what is worth knowing!) and read the latest article about the separatist movements in Iran? Don’t be angry at me, I am reflecting on what seems to be the latest trouble for Iran. As if the Mullahs were not enough for us, the vigilant Iranians, now we have to deal with ethnic” fights over who gets to tear a part of the country and make it into a new “invented” State?
May be it is time for us to revisit history books, those which have been put together by real historians, not the myth-makers, and read for ourselves, for the sake of our country, for the sake of our future, for the sake of our fate, and stay together as a unified nation. May be we need to be the nation that leads the peace movement in the Middle East, by sticking together in this hard time and fight the enemy, the Islamic regime, instead of thinking about tearing Iran apart.
Shame on those who are taking advantage of this terrible time Iran is going through, and shame on those who think that joining these movements will buy them a seat anywhere in this world.



serendip said...

Dear Katayoun: I think you would like this lecture series by Dr. Moshiri. I think there a few clips on You Tube. Here is the link to one of them and you can find the rest on the same page. Hope you like it.

Bita said...

Dear Serendip,

thanks for being such a kind soul.


Anonymous said...

Everybody who talks about reality is going to be disliked by the majority of Iranians, why??
I know the answer, of course, because we don't like to face realities, instead we want to deal with ....