Thursday, April 12

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Convenience 2006, Bita

I have always held this opinion that if something makes sense, if it does appear to be a rational, logical statement, or a positive action, one should be foolish to disregard it.

I am high on Voltaire right now, and cannot hide it from you guys. Many years ago when I was reading his famous Pellissier in French (what a pain staking job it is to read in a language that you are really rusty in), I jot down many of his words, and sentences, knowing that someday, I will be able to use them for a purpose.

Tonight as I was reading Will Duran’s The Story of Philosophy, I came across a sentence from Pellissier (in English) that made me put down the book, and look for my old notes to find the same sentence in French. But I decided to post the English quotation that is beautifully translated, and is simple to read. If you can read in French, read Pellissier, and it is my promise to you that you shall never regret reading Voltaire in his own language.

If a man wishes his country to prosper, but never at the expense of other countries, he is at the same time an intelligent patriot and a citizen of the universe”.



serendip said...

Love the painting.

Kathy jan: I love Voltaire. I can't imagine ever reading him in French with my rusty French.

I think it was Mark twain who said " All the territorial possessions of all the political establishments in the earth--including America and Canada, of course-- consist of pilferings from other people's wash. No tribe, howsoever insignificant, and no nation, howsoever mighty occupies a foot of land that was not stolen."

I would add Arabic countries and Iran to the list. At some point in history the respective countries land belonged to some other nation before the Persian Empire and the Islamic Conquest. Also, the notion of nation-state is a very new construct in our long human history. This concept only came about in the 18th century. I guess what I'm trying to say is that given the global nature of free market economy and its interdependecy as a system, the old models of economic isolation no longer work...Email me if I'm not being clear enough...Have a wonderful night.

katayoun said...

My dearest Serendip,

I am not too sure about Mark Twain’s concept of the “stolen land,” since his outlook on the formation of the United States of America is clearly prejudiced by his indifference to the plight of the Native Americans. Yet, I think, if I were to take his statement as just an assertion, I would certainly see his point with respect to Anthropological issue surrounding the formation of tribes, and nations at large.
With respect to the progress of the formation of a global village and our future in it, I should agree with your point that all economic, political and international means are intensely interrelated, and even somehow inseparable, and undifferentiated. Yet each “tribe or nation” that occupies a certain corner of this vast and afflicted village should be at large “an active participant” in the affair of the globe, if we want our future generations to benefit from what we live for them.

I thank you for your sincere and thought-provoking comments.
And by the bye, I guess you like Bita’s work a lot?!

Have a joyful morning

katayoun said...

Dear Serendip
A typo in the sentence: "We live for them"
correction: "We leave for them"

It is 12:17 midnight, and I am tired, but I wanted to respond to your comment, because it was worth it.


serendip said...

Kathy jan: I not only love her work, I envy her. I'm an artist wanna be but I don't have the god given talent...LOL

I don't thin Mark Twain had no sympathy towards the native Americans...However, did you know that the native American migrated from Central Asia to the Americas. I have to do some more research on that.

I and another blogger had a similar discussion going in his blog and I think you will enjoy his input (He is a student of history and extremely well-read and he is in his 50's) I'll try to find the links in his archives. Have a great weekend.

katayoun said...

Dear Serendip,

Yes, I was aware of the Origin of the Native Americans! And thanks for sharing your info with this site.

Have a cheerful week-end.

مزدک said...

Dear Katayoun! with respect and your permision, I did link to your weblog.

Bita said...

Dear Mazdak,

Thanks for visiting this blog. And I am glad that you have informed of adding a link.
Unfortunately I could not visit your blog, since i don't have the address. I would appreciate if you leave me your blog's info so that i can explore it.
See you again,