Wednesday, April 11

Am I...

The world is turning 2007, Bita

Am I retarded, or do I feel like I have been treated as if I am?

As I was reading,, the San Francisco Chronicle’s article about Nancy Pelosi’s grand tour of the Middle East, and her excitement upon her “possible trip to Tehran”, it occurred to me that I must be retarded, because I don’t understand what is happening in the United States of America’s Political House.

As you know, Madam Pelosi is not a carrot. She is the House Speaker; the Democratic speaker from San Francisco, who just came back from her Middle Eastern vacation with the Republican Tom Lantos, who is not a carrot either. Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, is the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who went with Madam Pelosi to Damascus to pay their respect to the elected-president-king of Syria, Bashar Asad (the throne of Syria’s Presidency has been occupied by Asad’s dynasty since 1970 Asad). I must add that as much as Hafez Asad(Bashar's Father, the departed Syrian Dictator) was adored by the Soviet Union’s leaders, Bashar is a darling of the English Lords, and has a gorgeous wife, beautifully and grandly educated by the Brits, ready to attend Armani’s galas hand in hand with Queen Rania, another Oriental Ornament to the English court.

Apparently the American troop had so much fun in Syria that they decided to take another Middle Eastern Tour, this time to Tehran. Of course, the couple, Madam Pelosi and Monsieur Lantos have yet to announce the date for this Holy trip, but they have expressed their readiness to “get on a plane tomorrow morning, because however objectionable, unfair and inaccurate many of (Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s) statements are, it is important that we have a dialogue with him,” said Monsieur Lantos at a news conference.

As Madam Pelosi expressed, “the security of Israel and fighting terrorism” is still on the agenda, as the couple plan a trip to Iran. And we must realize that Madam Pelosi is still sceptical of the Islamic regime’s involvements with “terrorist groups,” and that is an issue close to the Democrat’s heart. And let us not forget that according to Madam Pelosi, “Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon is something that must not happen, and we must stop them with the strongest of diplomatic measures”. And I wonder has she heard the “good news” about the Nuke’s Program and its expansion, which was announced by Ahmadinejad? She must have heard the “good news” that was echoed on Iranian-state-run Media, or I will think that either she is dumb or I am.

However, the trip will depend on obtaining a “visa to visit Iran,” and as far as we know this is a difficult task. Can you guess the price of a Visa to the Islamic Republic of Iran? Mr. Anan, the former U.N. Secretary-General tried to find out about it, he even paid for some nice dinner-dates with the Iranian representatives, but the price was so high, he was told to put the negotiation on hold. Perhaps the Orientalist Couple would find out about it, very soon, or I will think that I am dumb!



Anonymous said...

I think your point is quite clear. Love your Satirical works...

Look forward to reading your future posts.

katayoun said...

dear anonymous,

I do what i can. nothing more than my capacity.

Your kindness is appreciated

serendip said...

Kathy jan: You're so funny and cute. I love your wit. Queen Pelosi is on appeasment tour of her life. I call her Cruella DeVille from the movie 101 Dalmatiaan...LOL

Bita said...

Serendip Joon,

فدات شم تو این موقعیت همین شوخ طبعیست که بنده را سرپا نگه داشته.

And with comments such as yours, I will go on to write more and more.