Thursday, April 26

Social Security and Islamic Values!!!

If you would like to see more pictures, click here;( this link should be lauded for its transpired Propagandas)

Do you know of any state, where they think there should be a relation or a connection between what women wear and the society’s security or safety?

Well, if you cannot think of such a State, where a woman’s attire is a matter of social safety, I should remind you that in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the attire of a woman has much to do with the safety of her society. The less the “Muslim men” are exposed to women with Un-Islamic attire, the more the society is secured!! And if you don’t take my word for it; please do send an email to one of those sisters-in-uniform, who have helped secure their society by covering themselves up, and ask them for some advice on how to secure your society!!


Bita, 2007 (Still April)

There are certain truths in a picture that can only be captured by the eyes of those who admire, enjoy, understand and appreciate Art.


Wednesday, April 25



At the place where I am busy doing some stuff, there is a person whose vanity is above and beyond ordinary tolerance. And the lack of character the person suffers from is so devastatingly obvious that whenever a colleague has an encounter with that person, he or she regrets that encounter for a very long time; never mind his poor, helpless students!

As a result of having a member of our community in such outlandish character, we have started to believe that tolerating such being teaches one to practice what is to be called a great quality of mind that is “patience.”

Some people are too vain to see or understand the truth. They are simpleton in their way of thinking, naïve in their way of perceiving the fine line between reality and fantasy, and incredibly delusional in their great expectations of others. Often, they may be successful in establishing themselves in certain areas in life, and almost never capable of achieving what they really admire in others. They mistake vanity with esteem, as they conceive esteem as arrogance, and with such attitude they conduct themselves in life.


Untitled 2007, Bita

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not a simple document that which can or “should be ignored,” but rather it is a very important piece of manifestation which deserves an in-depth investigation.

This document is the very foundation upon which the whole empire of Islamic (Satanic) Republic of Iran was built. This document is a representation of Mullah’s plan in establishing their long-wanted tyranny. Throughout the document, from the very first lines of its Preamble, to its very last “Chapter”—the Revision of the Constitution—and its last “Article,”—article 177 [Revision by Council and Referendum], this document represents nothing but inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and blatant misstatements.

Based on such Constitution the Islamic Republic of Iran was established to accommodate “legislation setting forth regulations for the administration of society.” And accordingly, the regulations, of course, will “resolve around Koran and Sunnah.” Furthermore, “the exercise of meticulous and earnest supervision by just, pious and committed scholars is an absolute necessity.”

What can we expect from the State that is going to function towards the achievement of what has been written in the Constitution of the country? The aim of such a state, according to such a document, is to “foster growth of man in such a way that the progress towards the establishment of a Divine Order (in accordance with the Koranic Phrase, “and towards God is the journeying” [3:28]”
It should be of no surprise to us to discover that this Constitution is to “create capacities, so that the theomorphic dimensions of the human being are manifested in accordance with the injunction of the prophet of Islam, “Mould yourselves according to the Divine Morality”.

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue on…


Sunday, April 22

Things are happening...

Untitled 2007,Bita

Iran is lacking Nationhood. And there is no one, I dare say, no one in this world, who could, in any form or matter of unsolicited argument, convince me otherwise. It indeed should be a matter of great debate about the non-unity amongst the Iranians, either living in exile, or at Home.
In the long history of a country that has always been of great interest either to its enemy or its friends, we have never seen anything like what we see today in Iran. The public is suffering from the lack of real “knowledge;” they are incapable of distinguishing between “the bad and the worst.”
Inside the country, those who fight against the regime, the Iranians with a great hope for a better tomorrow are so dispersed and so alienated by the very nature of their society that their voices are “unheard” by the majority, and their plight is unrecognized! But, where is the attentive public in today’s Iranian society?
Where is that spirit that was supposed to be shared amongst the exiles in their fight against the theocracy that which is driving the country to the very edge of “Balcanization”?


Saturday, April 21

The game is on...

Untitled 2007,Bita

While some of us may be busy with life and the issues concerning it, others seize the opportunity to shine, even for a second. On April 19th while you and I were busy thinking about what to do, some “Iranians” were rallying on the Hill, “asking” Canadian “government to de-list opposition party as a terrorist organization.” In another word, the Mojahedeen-e Khaleghe- Iran (Islamic) are going to play their part in the process of Balcanization of Iran. With the audacity known to the likes of Mojahedee, they marched on the Hill, right in front of the Parliament’s complex, and carrying their trademark (flags) as well as the “Lion and Sun,” the Flag of Iran in their hands, the image they had tried to create gave the “right-on-time” projection and consequently brought a good coverage for these traitors who are hiding in Ottawa.
And to make the matter even more dramatic, a “local” Rabbi gave a talk while standing on a stage with the backdrop of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi’s smiling-framed-pictures. What a delightful day, April 19th in Ottawa!!! After Berlin, Paris, and of course, London, now Ottawa and Washington are the centres toward which all kinds of Iranians gravitate these days!!! What a Joy to be an Iranian!?


A little thing to share with you!

Untitled ,Bita

There was a day, and in a particular hour of that day, I badly wanted the time to remain still. I was absolutely aware that this “time shall pass too,” yet somehow I was secretly hoping that I’d be seeing a miraculous hand clutching hard to the hands of my band-watch, and prevent the time from passing so pleasing and painfully all at once. Too many feelings to be taken in, too many things to be done, but I let it all go, and wait to see how it is done?!


Friday, April 20

An old picture of the Parliament in Tehran (1957)

An American Friend, Paul, has sent me this picture, I don't know where he got it, but my guess is that it may be coming from Tehran If you know where this picture is coming from, please do let me know too!!


Thursday, April 19

The Constitution of Iran will continue on...

Untitled 2007, Bita

It is a necessary practice for a successful nation to read, and to study and learn all that there is in their historical records, official documents and treaties, which are in public access. The knowledge that is gained by examining those papers is a wholesome truth by which a nation can detangle the knot to her success, which is the attainment of Freedom and Democracy in Iran.


The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on Velayat-e Faquih. In other world, a collective religious authority running the affairs of the state is called Velayat-e Faquih. Velayat-e Faquih is a theocracy designed and established by the “Leader of the Revolution” Khomeini. A Faquih is s a religious figure regarded as the most knowledgeable of all about Islam! This position was occupied by Khomeini immediately after the Revolution. After Khomeini’s death, Khamenei, the so called “Supreme Leader” (also known as “Spiritual Leader” of the republic) took the leadership seat, which was assigned to him by Khomeini before his death.

In Khomeini’s book, Kashef-ul-Ghata, it has been stated that “because the Faquihs are not prophets therefore they are the inheritors and heirs to the prophet Muhammad…and during the period of waiting for the resurrection of the twelfth Imam, the Faquihs are the head of all nations” (101-102). Now in the Preamble to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran it has been asserted that “the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran advances the cultural, social, political, and economic institution of Iranian society based on Islamic principles and norms, which represent an honest aspiration of the Islamic Ummah”. Ummah is a Koranic word defined as “those who believe in Islam and are under the guidance” of the prophet of Islam. Are we the Ummah??

I think this is enough for tonight, don’t you agree?!


Wednesday, April 18

Just a thought

Recently, I have been reading a lot about the notion of "Balcanization," of Iran, but I wonder, if the tearing apart of Iran can in any logical and rational term be considered as a solution to the problem of the spread of a Political Ideology through out the Middle East.
Perhaps it is better to re-think the whole process of the "re-mapping" of the Middle East as one of the Solutions to the many problems of Global Prosperity, and Progress!

Tuesday, April 17

Connection, April 2007, by Bita

John Keats (1795-1821) is one of my favourite English Poets of the 18th-Century.

Instead of "Introducing" John Keats here, on this page, I shall settle with the following quotation, and the "Ode," by this poet, with the hope that you shall be inspired by his eloquent geometry of words!!
John Keats on Poetry: "The genius of Poetry must work out its own salvation in a man."

Ode on "Melancholy"

No, no, go not to Lethe, neither twist
Wolf's-bane, tight-rooted, for its poisonous wine;
Nor suffer thy pale forehead to be kiss'd
By nightshade, ruby grape of Proserpine;
Make not your rosary of yew-berries,
Nor let the beetle, nor the death-moth be
Your mournful Psyche, nor the downy owl
A partner in your sorrow's mysteries;
For shade to shade will come too drowsily,
And drown the wakeful anguish of the soul.
But when the melancholy fit shall fall
Sudden from heaven like a weeping cloud,
That fosters the droop-headed flowers all,
And hides the green hill in an April shroud;
Then glut thy sorrow on a morning rose,
Or on the rainbow of the salt sand-wave,
Or on the wealth of globed peonies;
Or if thy mistress some rich anger shows,
Emprison her soft hand, and let her rave,
And feed deep, deep upon her peerless eyes.
She dwells with Beauty-Beauty that must die;
And joy, whose hand is ever at his lips
Bidding adieu; and aching Pleasure nigh,
Turning to poison while the bee-mouth sips;
Ay, in the very temple of Delight
Veil'd Melancholy has her sovran shrine,
Though seen of none save him whose strenuous tongue
Can burst Joy's grape against his palate fine;
His soul shall taste the sadness of her might,
And be among her cloudy trophies hung.
Posted by Katayoun

Sunday, April 15

The Three Clerics

Do you know the guys in the picture?

From left to write: Ali Geda, the present Spiritual Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, also known as the only “alive martyr” who has to be kept in the Museum of antiquity. He was also a “President” of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and saw to the affair of the state from 1981 to 1989.
The second from left is no one but the “red cardinal,” our famous man of Financial means and power, the man whose name, once, appeared on the grand list of the Forbes. His name is Akbar-e Hashemi-e Rafsanjani; he was also, among many things, a “President” of the Islamic Republic, who ran the affair of the state from 1989 to 1997. .
But unfortunately, the third cleric in the picture, with a grayish beard, “Shahid” Beheshi, whom according to his name was meant to be residing in Behesht, did not live long enough to become a “President” of the Islamic Republic. He is the “dead martyr,” because he was “assassinated.” He once led, before the Revolution, an Islamic Centre in Hamburg, where he educated many clerics such as Khatami, another “President” of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who also oversaw the affairs of the state from 1997 to 2005.

As for the forth cleric in the picture, I cannot recall his name; but that should not be an important thing, since he does not need a name, for he is a cleric who is sitting amongst the most famous of all.

The three men of whom I gave you the brief introduction have many things in common, from among which I only list a few:

1) They are all Mullahs.
2) They all look happy and are smiling; although Rafsanjani seems to be smirking!
3) They all knew each other, and had a great understanding of the other’s intentions.
4) Two of them were holding sensitive posts, and gained a lot!!
5) Two of them survived assassination attempts, while the third one could not!!
6) They had a plan and we did not!

Do you want me to say more?!


Thursday, April 12

Another thing to read

Convenience 2006, Bita

I have always held this opinion that if something makes sense, if it does appear to be a rational, logical statement, or a positive action, one should be foolish to disregard it.

I am high on Voltaire right now, and cannot hide it from you guys. Many years ago when I was reading his famous Pellissier in French (what a pain staking job it is to read in a language that you are really rusty in), I jot down many of his words, and sentences, knowing that someday, I will be able to use them for a purpose.

Tonight as I was reading Will Duran’s The Story of Philosophy, I came across a sentence from Pellissier (in English) that made me put down the book, and look for my old notes to find the same sentence in French. But I decided to post the English quotation that is beautifully translated, and is simple to read. If you can read in French, read Pellissier, and it is my promise to you that you shall never regret reading Voltaire in his own language.

If a man wishes his country to prosper, but never at the expense of other countries, he is at the same time an intelligent patriot and a citizen of the universe”.


Something to think about!

Voltaire (18th-century, French Philosopher/ Writer) is a great man to read, and to enjoy, especially in times like this. I have specifically chosen these quotations, because I feel like laughing!

"Rire et faire rire," or in English, To laugh and to make laugh.
"Dulce est desipere in loco," in other words, It is sweet to be foolish on occasion.


Wednesday, April 11

Am I...

The world is turning 2007, Bita

Am I retarded, or do I feel like I have been treated as if I am?

As I was reading,, the San Francisco Chronicle’s article about Nancy Pelosi’s grand tour of the Middle East, and her excitement upon her “possible trip to Tehran”, it occurred to me that I must be retarded, because I don’t understand what is happening in the United States of America’s Political House.

As you know, Madam Pelosi is not a carrot. She is the House Speaker; the Democratic speaker from San Francisco, who just came back from her Middle Eastern vacation with the Republican Tom Lantos, who is not a carrot either. Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, is the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who went with Madam Pelosi to Damascus to pay their respect to the elected-president-king of Syria, Bashar Asad (the throne of Syria’s Presidency has been occupied by Asad’s dynasty since 1970 Asad). I must add that as much as Hafez Asad(Bashar's Father, the departed Syrian Dictator) was adored by the Soviet Union’s leaders, Bashar is a darling of the English Lords, and has a gorgeous wife, beautifully and grandly educated by the Brits, ready to attend Armani’s galas hand in hand with Queen Rania, another Oriental Ornament to the English court.

Apparently the American troop had so much fun in Syria that they decided to take another Middle Eastern Tour, this time to Tehran. Of course, the couple, Madam Pelosi and Monsieur Lantos have yet to announce the date for this Holy trip, but they have expressed their readiness to “get on a plane tomorrow morning, because however objectionable, unfair and inaccurate many of (Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s) statements are, it is important that we have a dialogue with him,” said Monsieur Lantos at a news conference.

As Madam Pelosi expressed, “the security of Israel and fighting terrorism” is still on the agenda, as the couple plan a trip to Iran. And we must realize that Madam Pelosi is still sceptical of the Islamic regime’s involvements with “terrorist groups,” and that is an issue close to the Democrat’s heart. And let us not forget that according to Madam Pelosi, “Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon is something that must not happen, and we must stop them with the strongest of diplomatic measures”. And I wonder has she heard the “good news” about the Nuke’s Program and its expansion, which was announced by Ahmadinejad? She must have heard the “good news” that was echoed on Iranian-state-run Media, or I will think that either she is dumb or I am.

However, the trip will depend on obtaining a “visa to visit Iran,” and as far as we know this is a difficult task. Can you guess the price of a Visa to the Islamic Republic of Iran? Mr. Anan, the former U.N. Secretary-General tried to find out about it, he even paid for some nice dinner-dates with the Iranian representatives, but the price was so high, he was told to put the negotiation on hold. Perhaps the Orientalist Couple would find out about it, very soon, or I will think that I am dumb!


Tuesday, April 10

A great medieval writer, Christine de Pisan (1365-ca. 1431)

Turquoise 2007,Bita

Christine de Pisan was a remarkable literary woman of the Medieval (Middle Ages) period. She was born in Venice, to a civil councillor by the name of Tommaso di Benvenuto da Piazzano, a man of great “scientific and medical accomplishments”. After Christine’s birth, her father, Tommaso, was appointed by Charles V of France as Court Astrologer, a position he held until Charles’ death in 1380.

When Charles VI took the power and the cantankerous period of regency began, Tommaso fell out of favour, and his salary and perquisites were cut. And as a result of such misfortune the family’s opulence declined, and after a long illness, Christine’s father died in 1385.

In 1390, Christine de Pisan married a young courtier from Picardy, Estienne de Castel, notary to the King, by whom she had three children. Later on Christine’s husband died, and she was left to take care of her children, and her mother. Christine’s patrons included King Charles VI of France, “for whom she wrote the biography of his father, Louis the dauphin; Charles King of Navarre; Jean duc de Berry, and Charles the Bold…and she was invited to the courts of London and Milan”

Christine had the privilege of receiving a solid literary education, which was rarely granted to a woman, at court. In fact, Christine’s education had been unusual for a “nobleman” of the time, much less a woman. She wrote exclusively and meticulously in the French vernacular of the time, and must have been trained to read Latin in order to be an active participant in the fifteenth-century debate that has been known as the Querelle de la Rose. One must also not to forget to mention that the substantial development of her intellectual capacity and significance of her literary education was due to her father’s encouragement. Although, we can clearly state that her mother had never approved of her daughter’s ability in her intellectual endeavor.

The Querelle de la Rose is a literary debate that occurred in the opening years of the fifteenth-century, “pitted Christine and her powerful ally Jean Gerson, the chancellor of the University of Paris,” against the infamous humanist “royal secretaries Gontier and Pierre Col and Jean de Montreuil. The attack, of course, by nature was a moralistic quarrel with the humanist trio about the literary excellence and effect of
Le Roman de la Rose; one of the most praised literary pieces of the Middle Ages.

Le Roman de la Rose (or Romance of the Rose) is a marvelous epic poem that had been of great influence on Chaucer and his contemporaries. It is an allegorical love poem that first came to life around 1225 by Guillaume de Lorris and was gradually completed and augmented around 1275 by Jean de Menu. The poem describes the “ultimately successful quest of a lover for the mystical and fleshly Rose.

In the Querelle de la Rose, Christine viewed her society as “spiritually” adrift and tried to establish an argument which demonstrated the “popularity of attractive but immoral literature”. For Christine the Rose was also “threatening because it reinforced the dominant misogyny of the Middle Ages, representing women as unchaste objects of desire”. Furthermore, Men get away with such misrepresentation, as Christine has articulated, simply because they own the pen and thus “they can tell endless tales and keep the best parts for themselves” with impunity. And she answers that, “women did not write these books…if women had written these books, I know full well the matter would have been handled differently”. What is the object of her disdain for such literature is the fact that she finds the Roman de la Rose’s tone and theme disgraceful, not merely for its sexual frankness, but for the approach it had taken to attribute some uncertain manners and morals to women.


Monday, April 9

This Week's Poem: Again Auden

My favourite Michael, the archangel, by Pirez D'Evora, Alvaro, 1411

I love Auden and I think that I should be able to share this love with you, my viewers. Enjoy this one.


Each lover has a theory of his own
About the difference between the ache
Of being with his love, and being alone:

Why what, when dreaming, is dear flesh and bone
That really stirs the sense, when awake,
Appears a simulacrum of his own.

Narcissus disbelieved in the unknown;
He cannot join his image in the lake
So long as he assumes he is alone.

The child, the waterfall, the fire, the stone,
Are always up to mischief, though, and take
The universe for granted as their own.

The elderly, like Proust, are always prone
To think of love as a subjective fake;
The more they love, the more they feel alone.

Whatever view we hold, it must be shown
Why every lover has a wish to make
Some other kind of otherness of his own:
Perhaps, in fact, we never are alone.

Posted by Katayoun

Sunday, April 8

A Slimy House of Common

2001 Cheese House Wyoming, Powell WY: House In Cheese

As an Artist, I found it quite refreshing, looking at the art works in general .The "Bad or Good art" both have similar effects, yet, in two opposite poles, on me. However they are both motivational and stimulating for my artistic side.
Browsing through a Canadian born artist, Cosimo Cavallaro’s website I enjoyed his artistic expressions, in particular, seeing the "Cheese House," motivated me so much. I started to think about a "site- specifics" in which, I could have a performance art/ installation, but perhaps instead of focusing on the "cheesiness of life," I'd be moving towards slimy/wet "site-specific". A really appropriate site for such slimy installation is nowhere else but the house of common of the Islamic fascist regime (well known as the Islamic Invaders).
I have been so involved in thinking about a diplomatic way to approach the Islamic regime, to get a permission and do a similar project or installation in their house of common. May be a performance art would be a better name.
It accrued to me that the medium of my choice is "True Iranian ’s spits". Since it can be a little bet of an hard time and perhaps unhealthy to collect people's saliva, and to give freshness a chance, I will send invitation to all True Iranians to drop by and spit on the exterior or interior of the Islamic house of Common. It would even be of more a pleasure if you'd spit on the figures which have seats in the house, and than the house itself. To all the active participants and the spectators of this performance art, this will be joyful, painless and a great way to express yourself; only through art.


Saturday, April 7

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

For those of you who are interested to read through the many articles of the constitution of a Fascist State such as the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it should come as no surprise to read the Preamble to the Constitution of the country, and find out that the aforementioned document has been written with a special aim to create a Global Fascist State.

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic claims to “advance the cultural, social, political, and economic institution of Iranian society based on Islamic principles, and norms, which represent an honest aspiration of the Islamic Ummah”. (Can you find any room for the “minority, and non-religious Iranians” in that Constitution?)

An “aspiration,” that has established the path for the succession of the Islamic Shia Kalifat, in Iran, which was brought about by the very “nature of the great Islamic Revolution of Iran”! This so called “aspiration” was illustrated by the “course of Muslim people’s struggle, from its beginning until victory, as reflected in the decisive and forceful calls raised by all segments of the population”.

In the Preamble (an Islamic Manifesto for the establishment of an illegitimate State) to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, it has been mentioned that, “the plan of the Islamic government as proposed by…Khomayni at the height of the period of repression and strangulation practiced by the despotic regime, produced a new specific, and streamline motive for the Muslim people, opening us before them the true path of Islamic ideological struggle, and giving greater intensity to the struggle of militant Muslims both within the country and abroad”.

In addition, the task of such Constitution is to enforce the Ideological objectives of the Islamic movements and to “create conditions conducive to the development of men in accordance with the noble (such a word!), and universal (such an ambitious goal!) values of Islam".
In particular, in the development of “international relations,” the Manifesto will “strive with other Islamic and popular movements” (the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah…) in order to prepare the “way for the formation of a single world community…” And of course, this goal cannot be achieved without the reference to the Quranic verses such as this: “ is a single community, and I am your Lord, so worship me,” (or I will smite you very hard). (21:92)

And I wonder how many lives should the Fascists sacrifice for the establishment of an “Ideology,” which has been created some 1400 years ago, by an ambiguous Sacred Teaching that is still under scholarly investigation?


Friday, April 6

An Islamic Friday Prayer in Pakistan!!

In Pakistan, according to New York Times, “A hard-line cleric said Friday that he was setting up a religious court here in the country’s capital, and threatened suicide attacks if the government did not enact Islamic Law and close down brothels and video stores within a month.” I remember, a few years ago, in Canada some of the Islamic groups called upon the legislation to have permission to set up an Islamic Court, in Ontario. But they were not successful at all. Thanks God!!

A Friday Prayer for a Moslem nation and an Islamic State is more important than anything else. This State-run-Prayer includes preaching, praying and chanting moronic slogans, and often ends in setting a Flag on Fire; just to show how peaceful is Islam, of course.
Now, a political show, that is the Friday Prayer, is run by the means of announcement and exciting the naïve public who participate in the staging of such a show. And when a Mullah announces that either the government should listen to his plea or the hardliners (or the Fascists) would start killing innocent people, and perhaps call it a Jihad against that regime of Parviz Khan, the whole event becomes worthy of attention. The Great Britain has invested so much in that country that any “out-of-the-hand” situation would be just unbearable.

The funniest point of this report from Pakistan was the fact that some Moslem female students, those who are veiled, participated in some Islamic-run-show and had done their best to compete with their Moslem brethren, in attacking shops, and places, and bringing horror to people. Imagine trying to talk to a herd of angry, deprived, veiled Moslem Bitches! What a misery life can inflict upon you?!

This is what it is; you invent an “Islamic State,” you have to deal with it!
It has become an Islamic tradition, either to murder people with swords, or with gun, and/or bombs. As if Islam is incapable of delivering the “promise of his prophet,” to bring peace into this world!!


Thursday, April 5

Just a simple note!

"Untitled" (Bita, April 5th, 2007)

Why do we share our thoughts with each other, in our Blogs? Do we express ourselves just to relief ourselves from that which has caused us a disturbance, or has aroused a certain feeling, or emotion within us?

The above questions disturb my mind whenever I visit a blog which is run by a person who, clearly, lacks many things among which one can mention this: Talent.

A blog is a free space for which we don’t pay a dime or penny (whichever word you choose to pick), a room of our own, where we can share our “Thoughts,” “Feelings,” and “Concerns” with each other. And of course, in some cases, a blog is a free spot at which we advertise for someone else’s goods, while we make a few bucks too!

But, do you not think that a blog, however, should be more than just a free-space, for those who want to sell their Rubbish to those who commute through the virtual space?

Would it not be better if we thought of this free space, as a place where the minds come in contact with each other, where cultures meet in a manner of second?

Some people think that since a blog is a free space; use it in whichever way and manner you are acquainted with. But I have another suggestion: for the sake of people’s sanity make yourself a bit more virtually invisible. Don’t make people feel the pain of exploring the site that is filled with nonsense and things that have not a shred of intelligence behind their creation.

As bloggers, we can be what we want to be, but maintain a certain degree of respect for those who come in contact with us. We can say what we want and think is right to say, but think twice before we write it down, and make others read it. In this free space, one can be Oneself, if that Self is capable of being a Self. Be what you want to be, but don’t invade people’s space because you want to be free!


Wednesday, April 4

Are we vigilant?

My dear Iranian compatriots, what is Wrong with Us? Really, what is happening in our minds? When would be the proper time for us to wake up and listen to our truthful mind?
Iran, the home we were forced to leave, is struggling against all its foes, and we watch this happen right in front of our faces. And then, after a long pause, with certain calm we say, “C’est la vie!”

Have you read the news, recently? Have you paid a slightest attention to the media's subtle portrayal of the “upsurge of ethnic unrest in Iran”? Did you know that even the terrible regime is getting more alert about these “unrests”?
Do you remember what happened to the former Yugoslavia? Or is your short-term memory badly damaged? Or perhaps you are being too occupied with “this and that” that you cannot even pick up that gloriously and democratically designed Vanity Fair (very British in aptitude for revealing what is worth knowing!) and read the latest article about the separatist movements in Iran? Don’t be angry at me, I am reflecting on what seems to be the latest trouble for Iran. As if the Mullahs were not enough for us, the vigilant Iranians, now we have to deal with ethnic” fights over who gets to tear a part of the country and make it into a new “invented” State?
May be it is time for us to revisit history books, those which have been put together by real historians, not the myth-makers, and read for ourselves, for the sake of our country, for the sake of our future, for the sake of our fate, and stay together as a unified nation. May be we need to be the nation that leads the peace movement in the Middle East, by sticking together in this hard time and fight the enemy, the Islamic regime, instead of thinking about tearing Iran apart.
Shame on those who are taking advantage of this terrible time Iran is going through, and shame on those who think that joining these movements will buy them a seat anywhere in this world.


Tuesday, April 3

How is it going to work?!

Another work by Bita (April 3rd, 2007)

I wish I could say that I understand what is happening in American Political arena, but I cannot. Mrs. Pelosi, the darling of the Democrats and the Speaker of the United States of America House of Representatives, has gone on a Middle Eastern tour, in order to negotiate with the Syrian government. And I wonder why? Only a few days ago the King of Saudi Arabia called upon Arab nations to consider making peace with Israel. Now, as we all know, Ehud Olmert has chosen to send a special message to the Syrian president, Bashar Assad, through Mrs. Pelosi. In fact, we can say that the Democrats and the Prime Minister of Israel have one thing in common; they all love Mrs. Pelosi. But the question is that do the Syrians love her as much?

We know that the Syrians would enjoy having the “Golan Hights” back. As we know that they would do anything to secure a deal with Israel, if such a deal ensures them the return of the “Golan Hights”. At the same time, Israel would never make a deal with the Syrians unless there is a shift of Policy in Syria towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, and even then the return of the Hights will depend upon some other conditions. Such conditions may include the relationship between Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Lebanon and Palestine.
We also know that the Islamic Regime of Iran has always been the favorite son-of-the democrats, and as such a child can make some noises when the daddy is in the office. But then, does daddy tolerate the noises made by the Palestinian Hamas, and Lebanon’s Hizbollah, and the obvious connection between these terrorist groups and the Hezbollah in the Islamic Republic of Iran? And if all the problems of this front is solved, how daddy is going to take care of Iraq? So, what are we to make of this political absurdity??

Do you think that the Democrats know how to do magic in the Middle East? So far the Foreign policy of either the Republicans or the Democrats has brought nothing but failure and disaster to the region. Let us see how the Syrians and the other Arab nations play their cards!


Sunday, April 1

The Referandum of 12 Farvardin

One of Bita's recent works (March, 2007)

Farvardin is a very special month for Persians. Farvardin is the first month in the Persian calendar; Norooz’s celebrations starts in the 1st day of this month.
According to Zoroastrian belief, Farvardin “refers to the
Faravashis,” which are guardian angels or “protecting spirits,” who guide the souls of the departed to heaven. In addition, each family or clan has its own spirit, whose sole job is to protect, and look after its people. It is also believed that “the Faravashis helped Ahura Mazda in the creation of the world, and they are the defenders of heaven”. Furthermore, in Zoroastrian faith, the Faravashis are the “ancestral spirits of true believer.”

Now, Farvardin is a very special month for all Iranians, because we celebrate and mourn all at once. On the
12th day of the month of Farvardin, some twenty-eight years ago, in that inauspicious day a minority of “Iranians voted on whether Iran should become an Islamic Republic”?! I remember that ghastly day, when people were forced to go to the polling stations. It was a Theatre Absurd!
The secularists, those who were against the creation of the Islamic Republic, and some of the “communist” groups, boycotted the election, and refused to participate in it. Nonetheless, things moved according to the “Plan,” and Khomeini, that Satan in disguise, declared a victory “over the arrogant”. That "election"victory did pave the path that had led to decades of social, civil, and economical decay, and the suffering of a nation in the hands of the Mullahs in Iran. And the struggle of the Iranians against the Islamic regime still continues on, while the world watches the whole event, with popcorn in hand.