Saturday, March 17

To be quite honest with you, I have lost my appetite to eat. Also, I have lost my drive to write. What this really translates into is that, neither there is physical nor emotional Juice left. Here I am with the open arms to explain in case, if you were eager to know why.
Looking at the bustard’s face in this weblog has been a very difficult task. This mountain of meat looks so unpleasant, beyond my appetite. When he was a little boy eating pistachio under the tree his family made a wish; May my son grow fat to be a King in a big city. Guess what, it came almost true.
His power and wealth goes beyond Iran, it starched to Arabic countries and moves towards the Europe and in specifics England, it may even touch Germany by wings and than comes all the way to North America and specially in our Canada to say hello to our government. Isn't that sweet and fluffy! He is like a Godfather in this fascist regime. Perhaps that is why you do not hear news that often about him. Also that is why he is a man who has been in power at all times. For the sake of power and if there will be a need, he will get ride of his ridiculous cloak too and even furthermore, he will accept the throne.


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