Saturday, March 17

This week's poem

Goergia O'Keef Musem, Calla Lily White with Black, 1927

Again, Auden has spoken to me, and I see myself obliged to his message. Who is the Novelist? Auden knows who the Novelist is.

Encased in talent like a uniform,
The rank of every poet is well known;
They can amaze us like a thunderstorm,
Or die so young, or live for years alone.

They can dash forward like hussars: but he
Must struggle out of his boyish gift and learn
How to be plain and awkward, how to be
One after whom none think it worth to turn.

For, to achieve his lightest wish, he must
Become the whole of boredom, subject to
Vulgar complaints like love, among the Just

Be Just, among the Filthy firthy too,
And inhis own weak person, if he can,
Dully put up with all the wrongs of Man.

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