Monday, March 26

Should I or Should I Not?!

Should I or should I not? That’s the question. To be or not to be is passé, although in its own time, the expression stands out like a good old thing, very useful and serving.

For those of you following the news about the
Iranian Threat this thing about China and Russia urging Iran "to comply" with the UN Security Council’s resolution is a bit smelly. First, Russia and China were really chummy with the regime signing many different Treaties with Iran, and then the EU was engaged in a Four-year-talk with the regime’s culprits, and all of a sudden everyone shifted their gears except the regime in Tehran. And now we hear that Russia and China are trying “to search for a comprehensive, long-term and mutually acceptable solution to the Iranian (Islamic Republic of Iran) nuclear problem”.
Russia and China advised the Islamic regime that if the regime shows more flexibility to the UN Security Council, and also try not to kick the International Atomic Energy Agency in the ball, then they can “pursue peaceful use of nuclear energy while observing its obligation under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.”
(The Jerusalem Post, March 26, 2007)

I think Russia and China are playing their cards in a very consistent manner, and they have so far made a great use of their power in the UN Security Council. If the EU and America can form an ally, why not a former Communist state and the 22nd Century Dominant power show their solidarity in proposing the “pursue of a peaceful nuclear program by the regime in Tehran? Meanwhile, on Saturday Russia and China “joined other members of the Security Council in voting to impose new sanctions on Iran.” As it has been asserted the relationship between Russian and China “are developing very actively, this concerns economic, political and international relations,” as Lord Putin told his Chinese Counterpart, and it is expected to get even better. And the regime in Tehran is upset. No, they are mad at everyone, including Russia and China. But for those who have underestimated the Islamic regime persuasiveness in doing what they wish to do, it should be of no surprise to listen to the content of this coming Friday’s Prayer at the University of Tehran. For now, the Spiritual Leader of the regime is happy with the arrest of the “15 British service personnel accused of illegally entering Iranian waters.” Are these 15 navy crews worthy of a “deal”?

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Winston said...

You might be right but given they have already COME ALONG this way, it is good. Kudos to Americans for forcing the russians and chinese to be in this.