Wednesday, March 28

Questions awaiting...

Do you think Islam is a peaceful religion? Have you ever seen a peaceful religion coming to power in the history of mankind?
Do you think that Communism is the answer to Capitalism, and/or Imperialism is something really joyous and pleasant that all the weak nations should “benefit” from?
Do you think being a right-wing is better than being a left-wing, or being a Neo-Con is far more glamorous than being a Republican? Or do you think your Democratic attitude would mold the world into a better form?
Do you believe what your media feeds you?
Do you think that you know all that you need to know?
Do you need to be told?
Do you need to conform?
I am just asking you. You need not be offended. Just think before you wag your tongue at me, or put your sharp kitchen knife on my throat. Because, you may want to refine some of the answers you have ready to the aforementioned questions.



Anonymous said...

I have no clear answers to the questions, But I only know that you guys are really Cool.
Everyday I read your Blog and think about what has been posted on it.
By the way, I am your Americn Cousin!!!!

Bita said...

Hello my American cousin,
This is by far the most Genius comment this blog has received.
Your Canadian Cousins

ArtWC said...

Really great questions. I don't want to pass throught life without thinking about this kind of important things. Sometimes it's like Oh!Stop what you're doing and think about what's going on here.

From Spain

katayoun said...

dear artwc fro Spain,

I agree with you Wholeheartedly. In my opinion those who care will always question doubtful issues.

Jungle Mom said...

Good questions and easily answered by watching the so called religion of peace in action!

Ancient Clown said...


Thanks for the visit and the comments. Okay, here goes...

1. I think religions were created by the guys that didn't understand what the spiritual dudes were talking about...otherwise we'd just have a bunch of spiritual dudes walking around.

2. "ism" of any kind usually sucks. LOVE has no "ism", that's why it's recommended by GOD & Jesus(the spiritual dude, not the murderous religion created after He left).

3. May I answer this question with a question?...Can a bird fly with only one wing?
Balance in ALL things.

4. NO...becuase they do not 'Report the TRUTH', but really only 'Make the NEWS'.

5. "I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking."

6. No...Sometimes I NEED to be shown.

7. No...I NEED to confirm.

I don't mind you asking and I wasn't offended. I hope you mind the answers I shared.(lol)
your humble servant,
ancient clown