Monday, March 12

A note to our loyal viewers

Mary Cassatt. Maternal Kiss. 1897. Pastel on paper.
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, USA.

As I was trying to over come the nasty flu, shorty number One, Bita, has been hit by it too. Yes, instead of hitting the jackpot, we have hit the wrong Pot!!
When your spirit is broken, when your body is tired, when you are hit by a nasty Flu, you need love and tenderness, plus rest and medication to get well.
Mom is running up and down the stairs, feeding tea and honey to one, while taking the other's temperature. She is tired, I can see it in her eyes, but she is the biggest survivor i have ever seen in my life. If it was not for her, neither Bita nor I could have been here, nor would we have made it this far. Fourteen years of separation from us, she never lost her hope for bringing us to Canada. She is our source of energy, the light in our heart, and our world revolves around her. Mummy THANK YOU.
Now, if you can send your positive energy to us, we will appreciate your kindness and promise to reciprocate the generosity. In Farsi, we have an expression that says, "Your generosity will never be forgotten." Take care, be happy, and stay where you are. We will be back!



serendip said...

What a fantastic tribute to your mom. I just discovered your blog. I will be visiting more often. I'm sending you healing thoughts to get rid of your sicky poo feelings.

winston said...

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