Tuesday, March 27

Not all but a few...........

During my studies in Art, sometimes I heard critics from UK, United State, or Germany making ambiguous statement; "Canadian are too polite in criticising art works". This stands against what in essence Art should be; Art for the sake of Art. I have to say, I have always agreed with such point. To objectify an Art work is to prosecute the art work. To pay close attention to all the elements, to find relation between the art work and the history of art.
Every time there is an art critique within the Academic institutions or else, Most of the speculators avoid making any comments, which mainly is a result of self insecurity, otherwise many of them are aware of art and its related issues . All friends of the artist for definite would send their love and support. Out of the whole, only the remaining individuals who are usually a maximum of three speculators would use something very similar to this phrase:
The speculator: "I don’t like this work.".
The artist: "May I ask why?"
The speculator: "I don’t know, I just know that I don’t like it." ( what really this person is trying to say is that I do not like you).
Perhaps the statement is a bit harsh but at least that individual is communicating openly.


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