Saturday, March 24

My new adopted Motto

Recently, my motto has been to boast my mind to create a set of “Good Thoughts,” utter as many “Good Words,” and be as truthful in the practice of “Good Deeds,” as I can. For your information I must add that the aforementioned motto was not invented by me, but it had been brought into light by an Iranian Prophet called Zoroaster.
If we really think about the above motto, we realize that to create “Good Thoughts,” one must already have started to work on oneself from within. In stead of waiting for some miraculous intervention that would, someday, come from without, with the creation of “Good Thoughts” one takes control over her/his fate!!
What follows after the occurrence of the “Good Thoughts” is the immediate reflection of a positive mind as “Good Words” that are used in one’s daily conversation. With “Good Words,” one takes the command of his/her own destiny and creates opportunities that are of great value to one’s personal or societal success. “Good Words,” are the very best creation of one’s mind, of one’s attitude towards life in general. (For the sake of this short note, I have to be a little rigid, and generalize a bit. Hope you do not mind that).
And “Good Deeds,” are the outcome of a solid mind. An honest mind allows the individual to see the reality of life, and still be able to create situations in which one can be engaged in “Good Deeds,” which are going to change the fate of the World in which we all live. Remember, every “small” effort has a significant outcome for every one.
In this New Persian Year, I hope that we all try to practice what is good for us.


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