Monday, March 19

The Islamic Regime in Iran does not represent Iran.

How many times do we have to shout that this Islamic regime in Iran does not represent the Iranians at all, but only a corrupted minority who run the affairs of the state?
The regime in Iran is everything but Iranian. The Islamic regime of Iran represents everything that stand against Iran.
Since the “triumph of the Revolution of 1979” till now, the Mullahs and their culprits have done everything in their power to tarnish the image of Iranians, to destroy what Iran stands for. The regime has been an ally to the most famous terrorist groups in the Middle East, and has donated money to those groups just to push its political agenda, and enforce its rotten ideology. What the Islamic regime stands for is barbaric behaviour, hateful attitude towards those who do not recognize the regime, and demonic ideas.
It is without a slightest hesitation that I say this out loud that the Islamic Regime in Iran is not of and for the Iranian society; it has never cared for freedom of thought, of speech, and of deeds in Iran, and it will never do so.

The current and Islamic government of Iran neither cares for the country or the people of that land; their only concern is to bankrupt the country, make dirty deals with world’s famous Mafioso, and promote their ideology wherever they can. And if they can manage to destroy the country, they would do it with all their powers. The West does not know what a monster they have created, and that’s a bit crazy!


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Winston said...

sure they don't but i guess we havent done much to prove it though