Thursday, March 29

I have started to develop a "light"phobia caused by the consumption of mass media in a various ways; reading newspaper, magazine, watching TV, listening to the public radio, and of course, using the "future friendly" internet.

The Media is sure busy creating stuff. Sometimes in-between, however, one might find something eye opening, mind boggling, soul shaking and as a result of that be left breathless. But lets not get carried away with day dreaming and come back to those programs worth paying attention to; even if such programs upset one’s stomach.

I think, we are doomed to know what is happening around us, since the happenings are re-forming our societies in a rapid motions which effect us in a very negative way.
I would like to suggest that the Media is helpful in changing our perceptions about the world around us. Such perceptions however are not meant to be beneficial to all. They work out only for some. But for the rest of us, it is a great idea to keep tracks, and be a speculator who objectifies and prosecutes the media’s work.

For the sake of Freedom of "Mankind" and to give rise to opportunities for making choices, let us be more attentive, more vigilant and more assertive.

Life for the sake of Life and nothing else.



Bardia said...

با سپاس از قدم مبارک شما امیدوارم که این فرزند کوچک ایرانزمین بتواند در بلاگ سرسبز و شایسته شما، دگربار حضور یابد و اندکی بر دانش ناچیزش بیافزاید

katayoun said...

بقول قدیمیها،
بردیا جان قدمتان روی چشم. وظیفه ما پذیرائی از ایرانیانی چون شما در این وبلاگ است.
با آرزوی بهروزی و آزادی میهن دربندمان ، ایرانزمین همیشه جاودان.

serendip said...

Nice artwork. I discovered your blog a few days ago. Who is the painting by?

katayoun said...

Dear serendip,

the last three paintings are done by Bita, my sister.
We appreciate your visits to our site.

see you again.

serendip said...

oh my gawd...they're so beautiful. You should write your name under it. Love your work.

Bita said...

Dear serendip:
Thank you for your words of encouragement regarding my works.