Thursday, March 8

Monsieur Chirac and Iran

Gustave Courbet, the Wave

Finally the French President, Monsieur Jacques Chirac has decided that it is time for him to clear his point of view on Iran, while meeting with the other Western powers. Monsieur President while meeting with his counterparts in the summit of world leaders in New York has finally said that “world powers should abandon the idea of sanctions and in return Iran should agree to give up its programme of uranium enrichment while discussion between the two sides took place.” This is one side of the coin. Although the French President agrees with an open dialogue with the Islamic regime, but at the same time he admits that having a dialogue with the Islamic authority is rather difficult. Don’t you remember Monsieur’s stand on refusing to meet with that idiot, Ahmadinejad, because of the Islamist president’s “anti-Israeli remark”?

I, personally, do not care whether the French President wants to have an open dialogue with the regime in Iran, or whether he acknowledges that Iran is a “great nation, an old civilization,” or what have you. The people of Iran, the women in Iran, the children of that “great civilization” will have no certain future, if the Western powers stay indifferent to their plight.
Why not helping the people of Iran, who are struggling against the hardships that have been imposed on them by the Islamic regime in Iran?


Shadi said...

I have been viewing this blog for the past two weeks, and have to say this: Your weblog amongst other Iranian weblogs, is one of the most honest and truthful ones.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Bita said...

Dear Shadi,

A feedback such as yours, keeps us going.


Bita said...

Hello Shadi:
I am totally with you in this battle against Islamic Invaders of Iran and the Iranian Killers.

Down with......