Thursday, March 22


Hello, how are you? Let’s hope you are fabulous, bubbly and ready to be burst into more than a thousand micro bubbles.
How is your Life? I mean, are you having a good time? Let’s hope you have a wonderful life. Oh, let’s also hope you have a family too. they are just a bundle of joy that enriches your life by more than a thousand times.
If you do not mind me asking you: how are you doing financially? I mean are you secure and comfortably invested and protected? Well, let’s hope you have a few houses across the globe, to accommodate your mood for different kind of weather. I mean, as a back up. Let’s also hope that you are running a very "successful" independent business, So you are well off then, no problem.
I apologize if I seem to have asked a few questions. What can I say, I was born curious, I have a plenty of evidence to prove such a claim! Anyway, my American cousins, welcome; I am delighted to know you do pay us a virtual visit every day.



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katayoun said...

You don't say things that often, but when you say something, oh boy. You say something!!