Friday, February 16

Vivre La Liberte


In support of the Danes who have been shocked by the atrocity committed by the followers of the peaceful and redemptive Faith, Islam, We have added the banner to our page.

Without a doubt, those who have watched us develop this blog, have gathered that this blog has a certain style and as such acts accordingly. We do pay attention to what is happening around the world; how Freedom has become a concept so abstract that we no longer have a vision about it. In fact, I think Freedom no longer is definable, no longer attainable.

In late 80s, Salman Rushdie wrote a novel called “The Satanic Versus,” and after its publication, the author went into hiding for a long time, only because the “Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution of 1979,” Khomeini, had issued a Fatwa, a Death-Warrant for him. The Western World did not pay attention to it.

In 2006, in Denmark, an artist decided to express his thoughts, his ideas, and his feelings about a religious figure (the prophet of Islam) and accordingly drew a few caricatures of the aforementioned figure. A newspaper published those images, and then the chaos arose. Later on a Minister and a few newspaper men apologized for the action, but those whose feelings were “injured” could not accept the apology. To them, an apology for expressing one’s thought in a democratic society was intolerable, and unacceptable. They were badly hurt! So, the artist was threatened, and the angry crowd grew impatience. Someone had to do something, for when the “Foundation of a Faith” is “shaken to its core,” someone should do something about it. The angry (“the peaceful” followers of that Faith) decided to teach the world a lesson. The Danish artist was murdered in his own country, and I wonder how the Danes are responding to this atrocity committed by the follower of a Faith.
And I ask you, the reader of this note, to think for a second. What Freedom means to you?


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