Tuesday, February 6

Something to think about

The War 1932

Too many people are dying, too many are suffering, and no one does any thing to stop this madness. And I wonder Why?

Whenever I watch the news, and look around, I see many desensitized beings, who eat their hamburger while watching their favorite War Movies, without having a single worry about the chaos around the globe. And I wonder Why?

I flip through the pages of all the History books; the History of Civilization, and the History of Religion, but I can only find the themes of War, Disaster, Mass Murder, Holocaust, and so on and so forth, that runs through the ages. And I wonder Why?

I wish I could find a colourful picture of a Triumphant people, not a gray picture of the disillusioned ones.
I wish we could develop our intelligence instead of our "theological mind."
I wish I did not have to wish for what is not accessible, available, and attainable.

May be next time, when the moon is not so shy to hide herself behind a thick cloud, may be then I will see something different, and wise.

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