Thursday, February 1

A politically motivated journalism

The picture is of one of Goya's famous paintings, THE 3rd of MAY 1808 IN MADRID: THE EXECUTIONS ON PRINCIPE PIO HILL.

Violence is not the answer to the Islamic Republic of Iran, is the suggestion made by Jacob Weisberg, in his article published, in The Financial Times. What is being expressed in this article, is not merely a journalist’s advice, but a proposed pragmatic precedent for the development of a New Middle East. In his argument, Weisberg proposes that we, the Western World, need to think in a “sensible way” and try to form a policy “towards Iran” that functions on the basis of “the demise of an Iranian government bent on proliferation”. Therefore, since we do not know what is the “durability” of the president of the Islamic Republic, and it is tricky to deal with the regime, we should, now, pay attention to the “political changes” that will occur in the near future, in both countries.


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Anonymous said...

dear katayoun,

I think you have a point and your argument is clear, however, it would be interesting if you can talk about this type of things more often,

Shahab, (Frankfort)