Sunday, February 11

The most dreadful event in the history of the ancient country of Iran is the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

When some body asks me where I am coming from, I understand the question, and accordingly respond: “I belong to the land of dream, where nights are long, and lights are dim.” And when that person insists on knowing a little more about my personal history, I simply reply, “I used to live in a big old city, where every old house has few tall trees, and every tall tree has long stories.” The inquiring minds are often satisfied with such a reply, and I am often happy to be able to help them in achieving that desired satisfaction. I, like many of my fellow compatriots, were forced into exile.

After the “Islamic Revolution,” many Iranians left their country, for the sake of finding a safe place where they could live quietly, and grieve silently for what they had lost. In our suitcases we carried a few bitter memories of Iran; we packed our nostalgia for our ruined lives, and we kept our pessimism about the gloomy future in our hearts. And we carried on, while scattered around the world.

You may ask me why I am writing this piece, tonight, and I tell you why. It is the 28th anniversary of one of the most dreadful events in the history of Iran, the so called Revolution of 1979; the Islamic Revolution.

The Iranians are living in a horrid situation in Iran. The country is devastated by economic hardship, war, and corruption in all levels of the Islamic government and the machinery of the regime still moves on. In the name of god and religion, in the name of freedom and democracy, there came a Revolution that was a gift from the others to the people who were naïve to believe that the “Man of God” would lead them to Eden. Only when the Old Man returned to Iran, did they realize that they were going to live in Hell.

Close to Seventy Million Iranians are suffering from theocratic despotism in their own country and the World is still thinking. Someone asked, “Who wants to know about the Plight of the Iranians, now?!” Five Million Iranians are living in exile, they are refugees, now displaced, now without a home. Iranian Elite are now hired by universities around the globe, still sale their ideas about their Revolution. The Reformists are still tearing their collars over the greatness of difference between their religious idiosyncrasies’ and those of the hardliners. The “Supreme Leader” talks nonsense, and the President of the Islamic regime, Mahmoud Ahmadunejad has proved Darwin wrong. Khatami was a distinguished guess at Harvard, while Refsanjani is still the man of Dollars and Pounds. And the Western World is still making profit.


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